2022 "AMERICANA" HEART OF WINTER Collection From Fine Artist PATTI SIMPSON WARD ~ Celebrating the Cozy Heartfelt Season on my What's New page and throughout this Website

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Another beautiful Holiday Season has come and gone with the tree and its glittering ornaments carefully packed away, jigsaw puzzles spread out on the dining room table, fires flickering on the hearth, skis waxed and ready for the mountains, and ice skates by the front door.

The pace of our lives has blessedly slowed down a bit. For many of us, Winter is a time of catching up, reflection and taking precious time to spend on ourselves and those we love.



Our favorite mid-Winter holiday is February's Valentine's Day ~ a welcome highlight in a season with a short supply of daytime hours and sunlight. This holiday is the perfect opportunity to make the ones we love feel extra special ~ for at least one day. Hearts, flowers and chocolate! What could be better!?!



CHANGE ~ The one thing we can count on in life is "change." Sometimes it's welcomed and other times, it brings challenges. After a very successful surgery at M.D. Anderson Cencer Center in Houston that got rid of Doug's cancer completely last March, instead of maintaining that status for several years as planned, our MDA team discovered something late last Summer at his follow-up visit.

LIFE STEPPING IN ~ Blessedly, Doug has the BEST attitude (always looking forward) and his team at MDA is caring and completely committed to getting him squared away wth his challenges. He is strong, looks and feels good ~ and is ready to tackle the next phase of his treatment. We are making lots of trips to Texas these days, which has put a few wrinkles in my fine art business ~ but my sweetheart is MOST important and truly worth any small hiccups. It's a new year, and we are all very hopeful!



Everyone who knows me is aware of how much I LOVE my home town, Spokane, Washington ~ my creative base after decades in the Seattle area. You'll find my 2022 "HEART OF WINTER" collection and more at these four venues (alphabetically) ~

• ACE HARDWARE ON SOUTH MONROE ~ This neighborhood hardware store has just about EVERYTHING for the avid DIYer! For the past 10-plus years, it's also included a large selection of my fine art items. Shoppers will find a rack with 90 different cards that revolve with the seasons (Winter's the theme there now), four different NEW 2022 calendars, seasonal magnet art for your fridge, and assorted collage-style jigsaw puzzles of beloved local Inland Northwest scenes.

• CAROUSEL GIFT SHOP, DOWNTOWN AT RIVERFRONT PARK ~ The glittering vintage Looff Carousel is a favorite destination for revelers of all ages in every season. Find my fine art cards and NEW 2022 calendars at the Carousel Gift Shop (more details about the calendars further down on this page).

• THE MAC IN BROWNE'S ADDITION ~ Located in Spokane's first and oldest residential neighborhood west of Spokane's Downtown District, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture gift shop (The Museum Store) has offered my fine art cards and other merchandise since 1997.

• THE UPS STORE ON MORAN PRAIRIE~ Located at the foot of Browne's Mountain on 57th and Regal Road on Spokane's South Hill, in addition to shipping, printing and other convenient small business services, this store also features a card rack with over 20 of my paintings of local settings that revolve with the seasons. You'll also find four different NEW 2022 calendars.

Find more information on these venues further down on this page under the "Page-by-Page Overview of this Web Site" section and on my Art Venues page. I'm so grateful to these businesses that have supported my artistic efforts so generously for so many years.

VERY SPECIAL ASSISTANT ~ Thank you to my dear friend Lori Arpin who is helping me keep my inventory fresh and re-stocked in Spokane while I'm back and forth from the Houston hospital with Doug. Isn't it nice to know there are truly "Angels on earth"?!?

ORDERING DIRECTLY ~ Even though this is a unique time in my life, plus COVID is still mucking up the status quo, in most cases, I am still able to fill orders and accept commissions. If you are interested in either, please contact me at 206.406.1409. (This phone number is also at the foot of each page of this website). Please visit my Ordering page which shares details on everything that I offer ~ cards, calendars, puzzles, prints, originals and more.

NOTE ~ If you own a shop or gallery and would like to include my work, please visit my Art Venues page or phone me directly at 206.406.1409.

My What's New page features my "HEART OF WINTER" collection of 16 paintings (four groups of four Winter-themed works ~ including Valentine's Day). These celebrate the beautiful Pacific Northwest, including Whistler, British Columbia. This Winter collection is peppered with several NEW creations.




SPECIAL EVENT MAILINGS ~ Usually, I send postcards via text, email or printed hard copy (U.S.P.S.) sharing my schedule of events. If you are on my V.I.P. (Very Important Patron) List, this happens just a couple times a year ~ once to feature the Spring / Summer season and another for Autumn / Winter / Holiday.

NEW ART ITEMS ~ I also use postcards to introduce NEW items and where you can find them in the Inland Northwest. I have been handling orders from PittyPat Studio as I can during these COVID times. Please phone me with your questions about availability at 206.406.1409. See a short list of artwork product below this section with a more indepth overview on my Ordering page.

YOUR PRIVACY ~ To be added to my VIP List, please phone or text me at 206.406.1409 with your contact information. Your privacy is very important to me. NOTE ~ I absolutely NEVER share your personal information.



As mentioned above, due to COVID, our move to Spokane's Moran Prairie, and family health challenges, I felt it was time to close PittyPat Gallery. Thank you to all who visited over the years ~ your kind interest and patronage were wonderful. With the gallery closure, please know my studio is still very active. I'm busy creating in this inspiring space that includes art supplies, works-in-progress, a library of design / art history books, a seating area, and digital design corner for creating my website, cards, calendars, puzzles and more.

The "HEART OF WINTER" collection on my What's New page celebrates Winter in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Please phone me at 206.406.1409 if you have questions about these 16 works (several NEW). I am also happy to share details about commissions, future art festivals, charities I support with donations of my work ~ and more. Details are on my Art Venues and Biography pages as Winter 2022 unfolds.



NOTE ~ As some editions of time-sensitive items like the 2022 Calendars may be sold out, please contact me for details at 206.4-6.1409. Find the "Page-by-Page Overview of My 2022 Winter Website" further down on this page. Once again as circumstances allow, I hope to see you at a future art event in 2022!






I donate a substantial portion of the money I make annually to the Holy Names Sisters' and Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration's retirement funds. I also help support the Greater Gonzaga Guild, The Friends of Manito Park, and many other worthy causes.

I have also given framed fine art to charitable venues hosted by Sacred Heart Providence Medical Center, Saint Aloysius Catholic Parish, the Holy Name's Music Center, and many more. As I shared, COVID challenges cancelled most fundraisers, but aren't we all hoping that 2022 will be a healthier year?

CTE ~ One of my favorite benefits has always been Spokane Symphony's "Christmas Tree Elegance." 2021 marked my eighth year of participation. CTE at the historic Davenport Hotel typically begins Thanksgiving weelend and ends with the raffle drawing in mid-December. My "Lights A-Glow at the Manito Park Conservatory" (pictured here) was featured at Tree #6, Elizabeth C. Raol's "An Inland Northwest Staycation."

Highlight ~ Elizabeth shared that the winners of her tree were especially desighted that my portrait of the conservatory was included in the package.

LIST OF 2021 AND 2020 FINE ART DONATIONS ~ For a complete list of these, see "Caring About My Community ~ and Beyond" near the foot of my Biography page.



NEW! "SNOWY FUN AT THE HISTORIC FOLSOM HOUSE" ~ Mom, Dad and Kiddos on a Snowy South Hill Day in Spokane, WA

SOUTH HILL BEAUTY ~ This beautiful three-story Tudor-revival structure was built in 1910 overlooking prestigious Rockwood Boulevard from its back grounds. Architect W.W.Hyslop created the design for Myron and Maud Folsom. Truly a stunning place, the residence was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Built at the end of an avenue on a very generous lot, a hillside greenbelt separated it from the busy boulevard below. Although in a well populated neighborhood, this setting has always felt like a private place ~ very unusual for Spokane's pSouth Hill.

WOODLAND VISITORS ~ The family who owned this home when I painted this portrait for them, feel blessed to live here because of the prolific wildlife that wanders on to their property to visit ~ much to the delight of their two youngsters who've joined their parents building the friendly snowmen in the foreground of this piece.

Note the addition of deer and squirrels into the art ~ a special request from their two kiddos.

A WORK IN PROGRESS ~ As the Folsom House was built well over 100 years ago, it has become a work-in-progress with a few "hiccups" caused by harsh windstorms, moisture, the pitch of the property, and its many years at this location. But the owners are carefully tackling one issue at a time, saving the structure for the years ahead and special memories yet to be created.

Highlight ~ With Spokane's four distinct seasons, this piece celebrates Winter and all the fun the snowy season offers families ~ like the delightful one pictured here!








After the busy, memory-filled Holidays, as mentioned above, Winter can be a quieter time of relaxation, relection, catching up, and cozy days.

WINTER WONDERLAND ~ Depending on where you call home, prolific snowfalls and icy tempatures throughout much of America can be inhibiting folks' opportunities for spending a lot of time outdoors. There is skiing, ice skating, show-shoeing and more for hearty souls, but many for us just settle for occasional short walks to the park in the Pacific Northwest.


A HEART-WARMING TRADITION ~ Following the tradition spawned by my mother Sally when we Simpson youngsters were growing up, my two sisters and I decorate for all the holidays (more on Sally Mom below). In Winter, we take advantage of the crimson red scattered throughout our homes from Christmas, and add hearts here and there to create light heartedness and cozy warmth. In Winter when some feel a bit house-bound, these whimsical touches can add smiles and help keep spirits up!


LET'S CELEBRATE! Often, Doug and I host a dinner party for friends and loved ones on this mid-February holiday created to honor "I LOVE YOU!" Delectable fare like prime rib, baked potatoes, green beans with hollandaise, chocolate layer cake, and more are usually on the menu ~ with a fine Cab and champagne for celebratory toasts. Stories and anecdotes shared by friends and loved ones are the icing on an evening filled with memories!

CREATIVE APRIL CORNELL ~ Decades ago, I was a graphic designers / art director in the Seattle area. For nearly six years, I spent many of my free hours moonlighting at Canadian designer April Cornell's (AprilCornell.com) boutique. During my time there, I stocked my linen closet with all kinds of delightful home goods in several of her beautiful patterns. (Thank you April for your generous discount!) Click on the image of our dining room here or Happy Hearts Home Sweet Home.pdf to see her zany roosters and hearts featured in our Winter decor.




SALLY MOM • ALWAYS AN INSPIRATION! ~ I must confess that all of thi sWinter (and every other season and holiday throughout the year) decorating is inspired by my mother ~ affectionately referred to as "Sally Mom."

For as many of her 94 years as my sisters Marilee, Peggy and I can remember, she has done this with grace and style. She has always had a flawless artistic eye and is a true "homemaker" in the most creative sense of the word.

AMAZING DIY-ER ~ In addition to her revolving seasonal decor, nothing seems beyond this DIY-er. She sewed play-sets for us as toddlers. As teenagers, she made most of our date outfits, prom dresses and Cotillion gowns (my sisters and I still have ours!). She slip-covered (her own designs) furniture in several of our houses, installed wallpaper and generally had her talented fingers all over every inch of each home she shared with our dad ~ and beyond!

A BIG CHANGE ~ After many decades spent at Mountain View Estates overlooking the community of Millwood, Sally Mom moved into a lovely new apartment further east at Evergreen Fountains. Cold snowy Winters with two flights of stairs open to the elements ~ plus the isolation brought on by COVID ~ helped spawn her decision. Now in a community peppered with longtime friends from her Saint John Vianney Catholic Parish ~ plus ammenities like restaurants, social activities, exercise and craft classes, indoor pool, hot tub, lush gardens in the Summer ~ and the proximity to one of her best pals, Carmen Perkins, Sally is busy decorating her new place and generally making herself very much at home. We'll all be visiting often!

LEGENDARY "GREEN THUMB" ~ "Evergreen Fountains" is the name of her new living space, so there are lots of gardens. This is so appropriate, as even though she'll miss the flower beds she planted at Mountain View Estates, she'll still be able to create magic at her beloved Hayden Lake property with hanging pots and terraced gardens that surround the two cabins. Her "green thumb" will be very busy once the warm weather arrives!

OUR BEST INSPIRATION ~ Indeed, Sally is the creative "juice" behind nearly everything my sisters and I have accomplished at our own "Home Sweet Homes." Thank you, Sally Mom ~ and enjoy this new chapter!






WELCOME ~ You're here!



This collection of 16 works celebrates four seasonal themes with four paintings in each group ~ some featuring NEW artwork recently finished. As mentioned above, most are scenes of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

"2021 & 2020 ALL NEW ART OVERVIEW" ~ Click on the "All NEW Artwork" pdf on my What's New page to see 28 recently finished paintings ~ 14 paintings in 2021 plus 14 created in 2020. Look for NEW 2022 paintings soon as this season unfolds.



VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES! ~ Click on the Bold Red Titles here for seven-page OVERVIEWS (with Images) ~ including four seasonal covers for each (based on availability), images of all featured paintings, histories and details for each, and a short bio / artists credentials.


COMING IN 2022 ~ TWO NEW FIFTH EDITIONS OF SPOKANE, WA AND WASHINGTON STATE JOURNALS ~ The fourth edition Fine Art Journals with a perpetual shelf life are SOLD OUT in both the Spokane and Washington State editions, but NEW 5th editions are in-the-works. Find out more on the Calendar+ page. Features include:


VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES ~ COLLAGE-STYLE JIGSAW PUZZLES ~ In 2019, I created three collage-style (four images in each) jigsaw puzzles and added two more to the collection in 2021. The finished 504-piece size is 16x20-inches ~ perfect for standard-sized frames. The artwork titles included for each puzzle are listed below. Fine more information about these on my Calendars+ page.

NOTE ~ Please call or text about availability as some of these SOLD OUT to Christmas shoppers. Look here for details on a re-issue of all puzzles in 2022 ~ including two NEW ones,"Four Seasons of Gonzaga University" and "Four Seasons of Magnificent Mansions."


Find more info on the Calendars+ and Ordering pages.


ARTWORK COLLECTIONS ~ During my many decades as an "Americana" fine artist, I've created hundreds of paintings and drawings that are divided into three collections. These three website pages feature images that revolve and complement the current seasons. You'll find lots of Winter-themed artwork in each collection.

ENTIRE COLLECTION PDFS ~ On the collection pages at the end of each artwork group are pdfs with images and stories for ALL the pieces created for that group.

THE BIG LIST ~ Click on "The BIG List" graphic footer at the bottom of each Puget Sound, Spokane or More Paintings page to link to an alphabetical list of titles and descriptions of all the art created for each of the three collections. In some cases, you'll find a few pen and ink line drawings and pastel sketches as well. Red bold type titles link you to the artwork featured throughout the web site.


COMMISSION ~ My favorite genre, I’ve re-created private residences (like the Tudor pictured above) and other architectural settings for clients all over the United States and beyond ~ making many friends in the process. I’ve also offer portraits of children and pets. Filled with personal detail, commissioned pieces are cherished mementos.

DOZENS OF SAMPLE IMAGES ~ This page shares over two-dozen works completed for clients as well as a step-by-step guide for commissioning artwork. Frequently, I include commissioned paintings in my calendars.



PAST SEASON EVENTS ~ I am SO gratefull to everyone who joined me last Summer at the two Arbor Crest Cellars Music / Fine Art events and Manito Park's first ever Art Festival. It was wonderful to see SO many of you.

Unfortunately due to my sweetheart's health challenges at Christmas shared above, I skipped the in-person art events to be with him. Blessedly, Doug is in very good hands with his new clinical trial, commited team, and frequent visits to Houston's M.D. Anderson. We are hopingl for great results!

FOUR LOCATIONS THAT FEATURE MY ART IN SPOKANE, WA ~ MyArt Venues page shares completed infromation including photos of each of these four Spokane venues. NOTE ~ I update this page when venues open, close, change hours of operation due to COVID ~ or as I shared here, life intervenes.


ORDERING ~ As shared above, I've closed PittyPat Gallery and am focusing exclusively on my studio, so please call me directly at 206.406.1409 with questions ~ or just to say "Hi!" This page shares details about originals, framed canvases, fine paper reproductions, print / card gift packs, art journals, calendars, collage jigsaw puzzles, cards and more. I accept most major credit cards and on occasion, personal checks.


BIOGRAPHY ~ This is my “life story” page. It shares my background growing up and highlights events that helped me grow as an award-winning "Americana" fine artist. Pivotal events range from my first grade report card (I’m still in touch with my inspiring teacher Sr. Rita Mae Fischer) to the present. You will also find several pdfs of press clippings and magazine articles. I've also included a list of charitable causes I supported ~ past to present ~ including 2021's Christmas Tree Elegance festival mentioned above. (photo and more info above in the "Financial and Fine Art Donations" section).


BRIDAL ~ Weddings are wonderful, although these days often postponed due of COVID, but couples are starting to honor this beloved tradition of LOVE again regardless.Visit this page if you are interested in having a custom wedding portrait created as a memento of your special day. Most of the fine art featured in this collection was commissioned by clients as wedding mementos for use on their invitations. Plus, I’m also a professional art director / digital graphic designer with decades of experience, so I’ve shared some creative text-only samples as well. I also offer collateral items like R.S.V.Ps, shower invites, ceremony programs and more. If you are interested in this one-of-a-kind personal service, phone me at 206.406.1409 for details.







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