The Downtown District Collection pdf ~ Click on this 2-page pdf to see all 10 paintings.

  1. "BREAKING NEW AT THE REVIEW BUILDING" ~ Crescent-shaped Review Building that houses Spokane's newspaper, The Spokesman-Review with a vintage "woody" station wagon in front. (8x10-inch, ©2013)
  2. "THE CRESCENT WINDOW AT CHRISTMASTIME" ~ The magical annimated beloved department store window filled with elves, snowmen and Santa dancing in time to Chrimstas songs. (8x10-inch, ©2009) Click on Spokane
  3. "DALLYING AT THE DAVENPORT" ~ Louis B. Davenport's handsome hotel painted with a late 1940s theme. (8x10-inch, ©2004) Click on What's New, Spokane and Calendar.
  4. "FLYING SOUTH OVER SPOKANE FALLS" ~ The beautiful Monroe Street bridge above Huntington Park with Kirtland K. Cutter embellishments. Painted with a winter theme. (8x10-inch, ©2004) Click on Spokane and Calendar.
  5. "ICE CREAM AT THE BENEWAH CREAMERY" (Also part of the "South Hill" Collection) ~ The vintage milk bottle building on Cedar Avenue that houses the Benewah Creamery. (8x10-inch, ©2015) Click on Calendar.
  6. NEW! "MERRY MEETING AT THE FLOWER HILL" (Also part of the"North Side" Collection) ~ The historic Flour Mill with a dusting of snow. (8x10-inch, ©2018) Click on Spokane and Calendar.
  7. NEW! "PARISHIONERS AT FIRST PRESBYTERIAN" (Also part of the "South Hill" Collection) ~ Ornately beautiful church on Cedar Avenue. (9X12-inch, ©2018) Click on Calendar.
  8. "Spokane County Courthouse" (Also part of the "North Side" Collection) ~ Willis A. Ritchie's stunning ornate sturcture near Kendall Yards. (8x10-inch, ©2004)
  9. "SPOKANE'S HISTORIC STEAM PLANT" ~ Portrait of the Steam Plant celebrating its 100th birthday in 2016 (8x10-inch, ©2016) Click on Calendar.
  10. "Sunday Brunch at the Spokane Club" ~ Gathering for brunch after church at the stately city club. (8x10-inch, ©2004)



Entire Spokane Parks Collection pdf ~ Click on this 5-page pdf to see all 21 paintings.

Coming Soon! Portrait of the beloved Park Bench Café.

  1. NEW! "Autumn at the Manito Admin Building (Headhouse) ~ Family scene at the basalt rock and timber administration building at Manito Park built in 1904. (8x10-inch, 2003)
  2. "CAVORTING ON CANNON HILL POND" ~ Neighborhood ice skating scene with St. Augustine's Catholic parish in the background. (8x10-inch, 2009) Click on What's New, Spokane and Calendar.
  3. "THE CHRISTMAS LOOFF CAROUSEL (RIVERFRONT PARK)" ~ Revised 1997 painting of a visit to the holly-draped Looff Carousel at Christmastime with grandson Austin at Spokane's Riverfront Park. (8x10-inch, ©2017) Click on Spokane.
  4. "The Davenport Fountain at Duncan Garden" ~ Newly revised piece reflecting recent upgrades to the park. Pictured is the "Wishing Fountain" in the Versailles-style gardens at Manito Park. (8x10-inch, 2015)
  5. "FUN & FROLIC AT MANITO FIREPLACE) \" ~ Skating scene in beautiful, snow-laden Manito Park. (8x10-inch, 2006) Click on What's New.
  6. "The Golden Looff Carousel (Riverfront Park)" ~ My nephew Michael as a youngster with me at the exquisite Looff Carousel in Spokane's Riverfront Park. (8x10-inch, ©1997)
  7. "HISTORIC FRANCIS COOK CABIN" ~ Cozy ski lodge cabin built by Francis Cook, the man known as the "father of Mount Spokane State Park." (8x10-inch, ©2014) Click on What's New.
  8. "ICE RIBBON AT RIVERFRONT PARK" ~Enjoying a summer concert with my family in Spokane's first and oldest park located in Browne's Addition. (8x10-inch, ©1997) Click on What's New and Spokane.
  9. NEW! "LIGHTS A-GLOW AT THE GAISER CONSERVATORY (MANITO PARK)" ~ Foiks about to enter the Gaiser Conservatory at Manito Park for the annual event featuring 30,000 lights decorating the plants there. (8x10-inch, ©2019) Click on Welcome, What's New and Spokane page. Highlight ~ This painting introduces this page above.
  10. "MARRIAGE AT THE MOORE-TURNER HERITAGE GARDENS" ~ Wedding scene in these lush, newly renovated South Hill gardens. (8x10-inch, 2013) Click on Bridal.
  11. "The Old Ski Lodge at Mount Spokane" ~ The original ski lodge built in 1940, destroyed by fire in early 1952. (8x10-inch, 2013)
  12. "PAVILLION AT COEUR D'ALENE PARK" ~ Enjoying a summer concert with my family in Spokane's first and oldest park located in Browne's Addition. (8x10-inch, 1997) Click on Biography.
  13. "PICNIC BASKETS AT THE 'BOWL & PITCHER'" ~ Family picnic scene with the suspension bridge in the background. (8x10-inch, ©2014) .
  14. "Riverfront Park Reverie" ~ Park by the Spokane River that was once the site of the Expo '74 World's Fair. (8x10-inch, ©2012)
  15. "Riding the 'Jack Rabit' at Nat" ~ Historic roller coaster at the old Natatorium Park. (8x10-inch, ©2009)
  16. NEW! "ROMANTIC ROSE HILL" ~ My sisters and I and our sweethearts by the pergola on Manito Park's Rose Hill. (8x10-inch, ©2018) Click on Calendar.
  17. "SLEDDING ON THE SOUTH HILL" ~ Sledding on the South Hill (Manito Park) ~ Scene of folks spending the day at Manito Park's sledding hill. (8x10-inch, 2013)
  18. "Swans on Mirror Lake (Manito Duck Pond)" ~ The swans that used to make the pond their home and the huge old weeping willows that met their demise in the ice storm of 1996. (8x10-inch, 1997)
  19. "Summer Fun at Comstock in the 1950s" ~ The swimming pool on 29th Avenue where hundreds of Spokane kids learned how to swim over the years. (8x10-inch, ©2015)
  20. "Vintage View of Coeur d'Alene Park" ~ Spokane's first and oldest park painted as it looked in the early 1900s with Patsy Clark's, Fotheringham House and Phelps House in the background. (9x12-inch, ©2015)
  21. "VISTA HOUSE VIEW" ~ Historic Vista House at the summit of Mount Spokane with skiiers and S.S.R.A. junior ski racers. (8x10-inch, 2010). Click on What's New and Spokane.



Entire Browne's Addition Collection pdf ~ Click on this 6-page pdf to see all 29 paintings.


Coming Soon! Portraits of Browne's Boomtown Bistro and The 1899 House Bed & Breakfast

  1. "AUTUMN AFTERNOON AT PATSY CLARK'S" ~ The Moorish-style Kirtland Cutter-designed mansion painted with an autumn theme. (8x10-inch, 1997) Click on Spokane.
  2. "Baccalaureate at Brunot Hall" ~ Once the private Episcopal School for girls, a beautiful apartment building burned down in the 1970s under sinister circumstances. (8x10-inch, 2013)
  3. "Browne's Addition Beauty (Page-Ufford House)" ~vSpring flowers is the theme for this restored Queen Anne mansion. (8x10-inch, 2010).
  4. "Christmas House (Loewenberg-Roberts House)" ~ The beautiful Loewenberg-E.J. Roberts mansion, a stunning example of Queen Anne-style with a very creative use of stone, timber and brick. (8x10-inch, 1997)
  5. NEW! "CHRISTMAS KIITTIES UNDER THE CLOCK (CAMPBELL HOUSE)" ~ Majestic dark oak grandfather clock in the hallway of the Campbell House. (8x10-inch, ©2019)
  6. "Darling Dutch Colonial" ~ Classically lovely two-story cottage painted with a springtime floral motif. (8x10-inch, 2003)
  7. "E.J. ROBERTS SECRET GARDEN" ~ The whimsical hidden wall garden on the mansion grounds in autumn. (8x10-inch, ©2015) Click on What's New and Spokane.
  8. "FINE FELINES AT THE FINCH HOUSE" ~ The beautiful Neo-Classical Finch mansion painted with a kitty cat theme, and starring my mother, Sally, and her three daughters, Marilee, Peggy and me. (8x10-inch, 2005) Click on Calendar.
  9. "Flowers at the Fotheringham House" ~ I'm shown painting this lovely Victorian B & B across from "Patsy Clark's" and the park. (8x10-inch, ©1996)
  10. "Halloween Hotel (Stimmel House)" ~ A charming Victorian dressed up for Halloween. (8x10-inch, 1997)
  11. "PHELPS HOUSE IN THE FALL" ~ The historic Phelps house painted with a festive autumn theme. (8x10-inch, 2005) Click on Spokane.
  12. "Pretty Poplar Apartments" ~ The handsome apartment house where my parents lived as newlyweds. (8x10-inch, 2016)
  13. "Red Bikes at the Reid Bungalow" ~ Craftsman bungalow by architect Albert Held painted with a biking theme. (8x10-inch, 2016)
  14. "Biking by the Reid Bungalow" ~ Craftsman bungalow by architect Albert Held painted with with the family that owns the home at the curb in front. (8x10-inch, ©2016).
  15. "WINTER AT THE WAKEFIELD HOUSE" ~ This stately old home, now an apartment house, is located next door to the Campbell House. This painting celebrates wintertime and family. (8x10-inch, 1997) Click on Spokane.



  1. "Blossoms in the Master Bedroom (Campbell House) ~ Beautiful floral-themed master bedroom overlooking the Spokane River. (8x10-inch, ©2011)
  2. "Christmas at the Campbell House" ~ The library of the historic Campbell House decorated with Victorian baubles for the holiday season. (8x10-inch, ©2005)
  3. NEW! "CHRISTMAS AT THE CAMPBELL COACH HOUSE" ~ Unloading the tree from a vintage pick-up truck for decorating the Campbell House. (8x10-inch, ©2018) Click on Spokane.
  4. NEW! "CHRISTMAS KITTIES UNDER THE CLOCK (CAMPBELL HOUSE)" ~ Stunning grandfather clock in the first floor hallway of the Campbell House. Click on Spokane. (5x7-inch, ©2018)
  5. "Cookies in the Kitchen (Campbell House) ~ The marvelously restored kitchen of the historic Amasa Campbell House painted with a baking theme. (8x10-inch, ©2011)
  6. "Delightful Dining at the Campbell House" ~ The dining room decorated with crepe paper heart streamers. (8x10-inch, ©2009)
  7. "Gorgeous Blooms in the Guest Room (Campbell House)" ~ The largest guest room with its yellow motif. (8x10-inch, ©2011)
  8. "Helen's Blue Bedroom" ~ The delicate blue and gold decorated bedroom of Helen Campbell, the only daughter of Grace and Amasa. (8x10-inch, ©2006)
  9. "Dessert in the Servants' Dining Room (Campbell House)" ~ The dessert selection for the Campbell family servants is traditional pumpkin pie in this autumn-themed piece. (8x10-inch, ©2015)
  10. "KITTIEWINKS AT THE CAMPBELL HOUSE" ~ Our two two kitties Andy & Sophie lounging on the grounds of the Campbell House with ladybugs for company. (8x10-inch, ©2010) Click on Commission.
  11. "Laundry on the Line (Campbell House)" ~ A hot wood stove for heating water, framed for drying curtains and other laundry day accessories in the basement of the mansion. (8x10-inch, ©2011)
  12. "The Lovely Linen Room (Campbell House)" ~ Pretty sun-filled room on the second floor for the seamstress to use when she worked for Grace and Helen Campbell. (8x10-inch, ©2011)
  13. "Rose Reception Room (Campbell House) ~ 14K gold and rose-colored silk reception room off the hallway. (8x10-inch, ©2011)
  14. "TOURING THE AMASA CAMPBELL HOUSE" ~ Revised 1994 painting with added details showing tour guide leading family and friends in front of the historic Amasa Campbell House, part of the MAC (Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture). (8x10-inch, ©2011) Click on Spokane.



Entire South Hill Collection pdf ~ Click on the 16-page pdf to see all 76 images.


Coming Soon! Portrait of a sweet stucco cottage by Cannon Hill Park.

  1. "227 WEST 25TH" ~ One of my very earliest paintings ~ this one of my childhood home, the Codd House on 25th & Bernard. (11x14-inch, 1975) Click on the Biography page.
  2. NEW! "'28 Charmer (Coffman House) ~ Beautiful Colonial Revival residence on Manito Boulevard. (8x10-inch, ©2018)
  3. "Autumn at the Allers" ~ The Allers family residence ~ completed for Dolores Alle's 90th birthday. (5x7-inch, 2012)
  4. "Blooming Magnolia on Manito" ~ Unique ranch-style rambler in the springtime. (8x10-inch, ©2007)
  5. NEW! "BLOOMS & BICYCLES ON 16TH" ~ Unique ranch-style rambler in the springtime. (8x10-inch, ©2018) Click on Calendar.
  6. "Bungalow Beauty on Cedar Street" ~ Charming two-story Tudor-Rivival Cottage. (8x10-inch, ©2015)
  7. "CANNON HILL COZY" ~ The Shelledy family in front of their home overlooking Cannon Hill Park ~ painted with an autumn leaf burning theme. (8x10-inch, 2005) Click on Commission and Calendar.
  8. "CANNON HILL COTTAGES" ~ Two lovely cottages overlooking Cannon Hill pond with a scene of children playing on the sidewalk and families heading to a picnic in the park pictured in the foreground ~ one a classic Colonial and the other a Dutch Colonial. (11x14-inch, ©2016) Click on Commission and Calendar.
  9. "CANNON HILL COLONIAL (DETAIL)" ~ This detail of the "Cannon Hill Cottages" piece portrayed the white Colonial that was home to the Lavin family for many years. (8x10-inch, ©2016) Click on Commission.
  10. "CANNON HILL DUTCH COLONIAL (DETAIL)" ~ This detail of the "Cannon Hill Cottages" piece featured the yellow Dutch Colonia once owned by the Nevers' family who sold it to the Todd Edmonds. Both families enjoyed this residence for decades each. (8x10-inch, ©2016) Click on Commission.
  11. "Celebrating on the South Hill" ~ Joe and Mary Doohan's family's South Hill Dutch Colonial painted for the coupe as Christmas card art. (8x10-inch, ©2014)
  12. "CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ON 25TH & BERNARD" ~ The Simpson family decorating our Dutch Colonial with holiday multi-colored lights. (8x10-inch, ©1993) Click on Spokane.
  13. "CHALET HOHENSTEIN IN SPRING" ~ Kirtland Cutter's private residence on the South Hill, now demolished. (8x10-inch, ©2004) Click on Calendar..
  14. "Dawn at the Davenport House" ~ Louise B. Davenport Kirtland Cutter English-style family home ~ demolished to make room for the Sacred Heart Hospital complex. (8x10-inch, ©2003)
  15. "December Dreams" ~ Holiday greeting card art featuring me, a massive evergreen and two favorite Victorian homes. (8x10-inch, ©1995)
  16. Dining with the Doohans" ~ Portrait of Joe and Mary Doohan's handsome Dutch Colonial with their folks, my mother, husband and me arriving for turkey dinner. (8x10-inch, ©2006)
  17. "FINE FALL FINISH ~ This "neighborhood" features three very different architectural styles (the Craftsman is ours) painted with an autumn picnic theme. (11x14-inch, ©2007) Click on Commission.
  18. "Fine Fall Finish (Detail of 18th Avenue House)" ~ This detail of a larger piece pictures our Craftsman cottage near Bernard painted with an autumn theme. (11X14-inch, ©2007)
  19. NEW! "THE FLOWER HOUSE ON THE HILL" ~ Tim and Sally Quirk's Tudor-Revival three-story bedecked with blossoms (8x10-inch, ©2018) Click on Commission.
  20. "Forever Yours at the Yellow House" ~ Ornate yellow three-story Victorian painted with a wedding motif. (8x10-inch, ©1998)
  21. "Gals PIcnicking on Stonington Lane" ~ The Marx sisters and me in front of Marie Marx Strohm's cozy cottage in the Adirondack neighborhood. (5x7-inch, ©2017)
  22. "FINE FALL FINISH" ~ Neighborhood painting of the Ward home on the South Hill, the Garrett and Elliot homes in the Spokane Valley. (11x14-inch, ©2014) Click on Commission.
  23. "FINE FALL FINISH (18TH AVENUE DETAIL)" ~ Detail of a neighborhood painting of the Ward home on the South Hill, the Garrett and Elliot homes in the Spokane Valley. (11x14-inch, ©2014) Click on Commission.
  24. "FUN FOURSQUARE ON MANITO (ANDERSON-TORMEY)" ~ Handsome brick amily home decorated for Christmas with a snomman in the foreground. (11x14-inch, ©2014) Click on Commission.
  25. "GATHERING AT THE GLOVER MANSION" ~ Family celebration at this stunning three-story Kirtland Cutter mansion built for James Glover, the "father of Spokane." (8x10-inch, ©2013) Click on Calendar.
  26. "Giving Thanks in a Winter Wonderland" ~ The Gillum family and friends pictured on a wintery Thanksgiving ~ or as pictured here, the beginning of the Holiday Season. (9x12-inch, ©1999)
  27. "My Grandmother's Garden" ~ My mother Sally, sister Marilee and me as kids with my grandmother, Jessie Simpson, in her garden at her beautiful arts & crafts-style home on Spokane's South Hill. (8x10-inch, ©2005).
  28. "Happy Times at the Corbet Aspeay House "~ Beautiful three-story Kirtland Cutter mansion with stunning a view of Spokane from the back of it. (8x10-inch, ©2006)
  29. "THE HEBERT HOUSE ON THE HILL" ~ The historic Hebert house overlooking downtown Spokane from Sumner. (8x10-inch, ©2006) Click on Spokane.
  30. "THE HISTORIC HUTTON HOUSE" ~ The handsome patrician Hutton Mansion painted with a patriotic theme. (8x10-inch, ©2016) Click on Calendar.
  31. NEW! "ICE CREAM & KIDDOS AT CANNON HILL" ~ Sweet white cottage a block from Cannon Hill Pond once owned by the Brooke family. (8x10-inch, ©2019) Click on Commission and Calendar.
  32. "KIDS AT THE FUN FOURSQUARE ON MANITO (ANDERSON-TORMEY HOUSE) ~ Owner Linda Holloway's grandchildren added to the scene celebrating Christmas at the brick two-story. (11x14-inch, ©2014) Click on What's New.
  33. "Kids' Camp on Overbluff" ~ The kid-friendly Meyer home (once the Marie Hughes estate) on Overbluff. (8x10-inch, ©2007)
  34. "The Kitties Castle" ~ Charming basaltic rock-and-shingle house with a castellated tower. Starring my three kitties Andy, K.C. and Sophie; my sister Peggy's calico Chloe; and sister Marilee's cats Ty, Betty-Kitty and Inoque. A celebration of felines! (8x10-inch, ©2014).
  35. NEW! "Lemonade & Loriens on Perry Street" ~ Charming vintage windmill building in the Perry District. (8x10-inch, ©2019)
  36. "Lighting Up the Lincoln House" ~ Revision of 1987 with my little sister Marilee and I rolling snowballs while our parents are unraveling strings of Christmas lights. (8x10-inch, ©2014).
  37. "LUNDBERG OVERBLUFF BEAUTY (CHRISTENSEN HOUSE)" ~ The Lundberg's charming storybook-style three-story cottage on tree-lined Overbluff with the family pictured in the foreground. (8x10-inch, ©2015) Click on Commission.
  38. "Ninth Avenue ~ 4th of July Frolics (Comstock-Shadles House)"" ~ A Comstock-Shadle family "sister" Tudor, this one painted with an Independence Day motif. (8x10-inch, ©2004)
  39. NEW! "Ninth Avenue ~ Glenn & Christine, Always Together (Comstock-Shadles House)" ~ Revision of earlier "Ninth Avenue ~ 4th of July Frolics" to reflect the actual neighborhood ~ created as a 5th anniversary gift for the couple. (8x10-inch, ©2018)
  40. "Ninth Avenue ~ Pumpkin Pie Palace (Comstock-Shadle House) ~ This Comstock-Shadle family "sister" Tudor features an autumn pumpkin pie baking party. (8x10-inch, ©2003)
  41. "Ninth Avenue ~ Springtime Celebration (Comstock-Shadles House)" ~ Comstock-Shadle family "sister" Tudor home (four similar houses by Kirtland K. Cutter adjacent to each other on 9th Avenue ~ features an Eastertime theme and the Simpson family when we all were very young. (8x10-inch, ©2003)
  42. "NINTH AVENUE ~ SOUTH HILL ICE SKATER BALL (COMSTOCK-SHADLE HOUSE)" ~ Another Comstock-Shadle family "sister" Tudor ~ celebrating Spokane's winter sports in a beautiful snow-filled setting. (8x10-inch, ©2004) Click on Spokane.
  43. "PRETTY PARKER PLACE ON CANNON HILL" ~ Dr. Parker and his family hosting caroling for neighbors and friends on Christmas Even at their home overlooking Cannon Hill Pond. (8x10-inch, ©2017) Click on What's New, Calendar and Commission.
  44. "Pumpkins at the Pretty Parent Bungalow" ~ Bungalow renovated in a particularly careful fashion with remarkable attention to detail throught out. (8x10-inch, ©2016)
  45. "Roosting Robins at the Roberts House" ~ The portrait of the Roberts family home next door to us when we lived on Lincoln Street in the early 1950s. I gave this piece to Molly Rober's Hannon for her a "milestone" birthday. (8x10-inch, ©2008)
  46. "Roses on Seventh & Stevens" ~ Residence of Robert Patterson, owner of the Crescent Department Store. This piece pictured Stacey Lavin, who is giving out blooms from the 300 rose bushed he planted. (8x10-inch, ©2014)
  47. "Sally's Secret Dream House" ~ My mother's chums ~ Dolores Allers, Mae Fay, Dorothy Rouse and Winnie Robinson ~ at my mother's "dream" house which was restored in the mid-2010s. (8x10-inch, ©2015)
  48. "SHIMMERING SNOWFALL ON CANNON HILL" ~ Beautiful brick three-story Hawley House overlooking Cannon Hill painted with a skating theme. (11x14-inch, ©2016)
  49. "The Simpsons on the South Hill" ~ My brother's first family home just off Rockwood Boulevard on the South Hill. (8x10-inch, ©1993) Click on Spokane and Commission.
  50. "Snow-Covered Craftsman" ~ Brick Bungalow in winter with folks on their way to Manito Park for a day of sledding. (8x10-inch, ©2015)
  51. "SOUTH HILL BLANDINGS DREAM HOUSE" ~ Spokane home on High Drive built to promote RKO's 1952 "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" movie.(8x10-inch, ©2016) Click on Calendar.
  52. "SPRINGTIME COMES TO SIMPSON STREET" ~ This large painting pictures five homes that I've lived in and loved ~ four in Spokane and one in Sammamish, Washington. They are also featured as separate images (details) throughout the web site. (16x20-inch, ©2016) Click on Commission.
  53. "Springtime Comes to Simpson Street (18th Avenue House Detail)" ~ This detail is a portrait of our current residence on 18th Avenue across the street from St. Augustine's parish. (16x20-inch, ©2016)
  54. "Springtime Comes to Simpson Street (25th & Bernard House Detail)" ~ This pictures the Codd-Simpson House on Bernard completed with an Easter Sunday theme. (16x20-inch, ©2016)
  55. "Springtime Comes to Simpson Street (Lincoln House Detail)" ~ This detail of the painting focuses on the first home our Simpson family lived in. It pictures our parents in the back yard and my sister Marilee and me with our grandparents in the front. (16x20-inch, ©2016).
  56. NEW! "Stevens Street Beauty" ~ Tom and Tina Simpson's uniquely beautiful recently remodeled bungalow overlooking Cannon Hill Pond. (8x10-inch, ©2018) Click on Click on Commission.
  57. "Storybook Beauty on Overbluff (Christensen House)" ~ Charming storybook-style three-story cottage on tree-lined Overbluff. (8x10-inch, ©2015).
  58. "SWEET SCHEER COTTAGE IN SPRINGTIME" ~ Darling cottage with architectural details like a "cat slide" roof, leaded windows, arched doorways and more! (8x10-inch, ©2014) Click on Calendar.
  59. "Trick or Treating on 25th & Bernard" ~ Little trick or treaters celebrating Halloween in front of my family's brick Dutch Colonial home. (8x10-inch, ©2002)
  60. "Tulips by the Dozen at the Doohans" ~ Joe and Mary's familyl home once owned by the Ferris family, brightened up with colorful tulips in flower boxes. (8x10-inch, ©2013) .
  61. "Visiting Mrs. Love's" ~ With my parents Sally and Joe in front of the home where they met in the late 1940s. (8x10-inch, ©2002)
  62. "Whispering Pines on the South Hill" ~ Charming French-style home painted with a B&B theme. (8x10-inch, ©2007)



  1. "EVENING AT SAINT JOHN THE EVANGELIST" ~ This piece features the landmark Gothic-style cathedral on Grand Boulevard. (8x10-inch ©2007) Click on What's New.
  2. "Family, Friends & Flowers (Saint Augustine's)" ~ Springtime scene at the entrance of Saint Augustine's Church. (8x10-inch, ©2014)
  3. NEW! "Parishoners at First Presbyterian" (Also part of the "The Downtown District" Collection) ~ Ornately beautiful church on Cedar Avenue. 9x12-inch, ©2018)
  4. "SNOWFALL AT SAINT AUGUSTINE'S" ~ A dusting of snow and the corner creche highlight this portrait of the beloved neighborhood church. (8x10-inch, ©2017) Click on What's New.
  5. "Sunday Best at Saint Augustine's" ~ Painted with a late 1930s time-frame ~ folks attending Mass and welcoming Father Stephen Buckley in summer at the original K.K. Cutter designed Saint Augustine's church. (8x10-inch, ©2014)
  6. "AUTUMN LEAVES AT LEWIS & CLARK" ~ The handsome high school dusted with snow, finished with a late 1940s autumn timeframe. (8x10-inch, ©2014) Click on Spokane.
  7. "Marycliff Hall in the Fall" ~ The Marycliff School building with students arriving for class in autumn. (8x10-inch, ©2015)
  8. "Marycliff in May (F. Lewis Clark House)" ~ The "Undercliff" mansion on the South Hill that functioned for decades as Marycliff, a private Catholic high school for girls. (8x10-inch, ©2003)
  9. "Oktoberfest at Cataldo School (Saint Augustine's) ~ Cataldo Catholic School (formerly St. Augustine's Grade School) celebrating Autumn. (8x10-inch, ©2005)
  10. "WINTER CAMPUS & LEWIS & CLARK" ~ The handsome high school dusted with snow, finished with a late 1940s Autumn timeframe. (8x10-inch, ©2014) Click on Spokane.
  11. "Autumn at Art in Bloom (D.C. Corbin House)" ~ Artists and volunteers setting up for Art In Bloom at the Corbin Art Center on Seventh Avenue. (8x10-inch, ©2017)
  12. "ICE CREAM AT THE BENEWAH CREAMERY" (Also listed in the "Downtown" section above) ~ The vintage milk bottle building on Cedar Avenue that houses the Benewah Creamery. (8x10-inch, ©2015) Click on Calendar.
  13. "LATTES AT LINDAMAN'S" ~ Portrait of the beloved bistro created for owner Merilee Lindaman when I exhibited there in 2017. She retired in 2019, closing her eatery after decades of serving the South Hill on Halloween 2019. (8x10-inch, ©2017).
  14. "Lovely Levi Monroe Mansion" Monroe Queen Anne-style mansion painted with an autumn theme ~ began serving Spokane in 2013 as the Silver Spoon Tea House in 2013. (8x10-inch, ©2014) Click on Spokane.
  15. "Merry Christmas at the Monroe Mansion" ~ Holiday decorations at the Monroe mansion on a starlit night. (8x10-inch, ©2014)
  16. "Monroe Mansion in Bloom" ~ White roses, impatiens and other blossoms in this lovely warm weather piece. (8x10-inch, ©2015)
  17. "SOUTH HILL SNOWMEN (ROCKWOOD BAKERY)" ~ Historic beloved bakery that was once a small neighborhood grocery store (8x10-inch, ©2016) Click on Spokane.



Entire North Side Collection pdf ~ Click on the 6-page pdf to see all 28 images.


  1. "CHRISTMAS QUEEN ANNE" ~ Lovely Victorian decorated for the holidays at wintertime with the growing (two of four children pictured) Joe Doohan familyand me pictured in front. (8x10-inch, ©1995) Click on Spokane.
  2. "Gathering Geraniums at the Hennessey House" ~ The Harry Hennessey family home on West Point Road overlooking the Spokane River valley. (8x10-inch, 2003)
  3. "Happy Halloween at Joe & Mary's" ~ Youngsters trick-or-treating at the Doohan's beautifully renovated Victorian. (8x10-inch, 1994)
  4. "Historic Bleeker House" ~ Painting of the restored Bleeker House, new portrait of the Harry Hennessey House that was originally painted in 2003. (8x10-inch, 2009)
  5. "North Side Noel" ~ My dad and his sister Wanda as youngsters in front of their home on Cleveland Avenue on Spokane's North Side in the very early 1920s. (8x10-inch, 1987)
  6. "THE OLD MAXWELL-PETTET PLACE" ~ Enlarged many times since the late 1800s, this home is thought to be the oldest residence of record in Spokane. (8x10-inch, 2008) Click on Spokane.
  7. NEW! "PEDDLING POSIES ON CORBIN PARK" ~ Delightfully charming home on the north side of Corbin Park. (8x10-inch, ©2018) Click on Calendar.
  8. "Scarlet Geramiums on Sally Court" ~ The Jim and Linda Dean home out on north Indian Trail with the family in their pretty front yard celebrating Easter. (8x10-inch, ©2014)
  9. NEW! "Witches on Woodies at Corbin Park" ~ Victorian mansion celebrating a rolllicking Halloween. (8x10-inch, ©2018)



  1. "BING CROSBY'S CRAFTSMAN (CONZAGA UNIVERSITY)" ~ Crooner Bing Crosby's residence near Gonzaga University which once served Gonzaga University as the Alumni Center. (8x10-inch, 2008). Click on Spokane.
  2. "Bozarth Mansion in Bloom (Gonzaga University) ~ J.P. Graves mansion at Waikiki, now used by Gonzaga University as a retreat center. (8x10-inch, 2010)
  3. "CLASSMATES AT COLLEGE HALL (GONZAGA UNIVERSITY)" ~ Gonzaga University's administration building. (8x10-inch, 2013) Click on Calendar.
  4. "DAFFODILS AT DESMET HALL (GONZAGA UNIVERSITY)" ~ Students caught in a shower in front of Gonzaga University's oldest dormitory (men only). (8x10-inch, ©2016) Click on Calendar.
  5. "Gathering at Conzaga Prep" ~ Portrait of Jesuit Prep School on Euclid Avenue. (8x10-inch, ©2017) Click on Spokane.
  6. "Gathering with Friends and Family at Gonzaga Prep ~ Portrait of Jesuit Prep School on Euclid Avenue with retired President Al Falkner's family and other associates added to the original rendition. (8x10-inch, ©2017)
  7. "SUNDAY MORNING AT SAINT AL'S" ~ The Joe Doohan Family, the late Father Tony Lehman and more at St. Aloysius Church on Sunday morning. (8x10-inch, ©1997) Click on Spokane.
  8. "WINTER AT HEUTTER HOUSE (GONZAGA UNIVERSITY)" ~ My three brothers, John, Bill and Bob, are pictured as altar boys in the foreground of this portrait of the old historic seminary building which now serves as the Gonzaga University Alumni Center. (8x10-inch, 2007)



  1. "CELEBRATING SPRING AT HNA" ~ The Holy Names Sisters, chums and my sisters at our high school. The special revised painting honors the sisters 125th anniversary in 2013. (8x10-inch, ©2013) Click on Biography.
  2. "FLOWERFIELD IN THE FALL (SAINT GEORGE'S)" ~ The Louis Davenport second home on the Little Spokane River that became part of the Saint George's School campus. (8x10-inch, ©2015) Click on Calendar.
  3. "Fresh Flowers at Saint Joseph's" Spring-themed portrait of the second oldest Catholic church in Spokane. (8x10-inch, ©2015)
  4. "LITTLE GROTTO IN THE WOODS)" ~ Grotto with a statue of Mary, the Queen of Heaven at the old Holy Names Sisters' Convent near Fort George Wright. (8x10-inch, ©2004) Click on Biography.
  5. "November at OldNorth Central" ~ Autumn-themed portrait the old demolished brick three-story N.C. building, built in 1908 to educate the growng Spokane North Side population. (8x10-inch, ©2015)
  6. "SNOW CHAPEL AT HOLY NAMES" ~ Portrait of my old high school painted as it looked in the late 1960s and given a snowy theme. (8x10-inch, ©2012) Click on Click on Spokane and Biography.
  7. "BREAKFAST BUNCH AT KNIGHT'S DINER" ~ The popular diner housed in a vintage railroad car on Market Street. (8x10-inch, ©2016) Click on Calendar.
  8. "Doyle's Darling Ice Cream Parlor" ~ The historic red & white ice cream parlor on Boone Avenue. (8x10-inch, ©2015)
  9. "GATHERING AT THE GARLAND MILK BOTTLE" ~ Benewah Creamery building on Garland, now a kitchy café. (8x10-inch, ©2015) Click on Calendar and Spokane.
  10. "Spokane County Courthouse" ~ (Part of "The Downtown District" Collection) ~ Just across the Monroe Street Bridge, this grand landmark is on the south edge of the North Side. (8x10-inch, ©2014).



Entire Spokane Valley Collection pdf ~ Click on this 4 page pdf to see all 17 paintings (5 of the Barton Snow Fort and 12 others).

  1. "The Barton Snow Fort I" ~ The second pictured Peggy Simpson Barton in her new home holding her daughter Kelly while son Michael worked on a snowman. Cockapoo Andy and kitty Zoe are part of the piece. (8x10-inch, ©1992)
  2. "The Barton Snow Fort II" ~ This revision shows the addition of baby Mark Barton. (8x10-inch, ©1993)
  3. "The Barton Snow Fort III" ~ The home was remodeled and the second floor altered to add another bedroom for the growing family. Mark is now a toddler and Kelly is helping Michael with the snowman. The sky has changed from a starry night sky to a cloudy one.(8x10-inch, ©1995)
  4. "The Barton Snow Fort IV" ~ Daugther Brooklynn Barton and cocker spaniels Cocoa and Honeybee joined the scene. (8x10-inch, ©1995)
  5. "The Barton Snow Fort V" ~ Nearly ten years later in this final revision, I added son Michael's new bride Mikaila to the piece, changed the Christmas motif to a crisp, clear day in late January and removed the menagerie of pets to keep the focus on the family. As Peggy was celebrating a milestone birthday, she finally received the original as a gift. (8x10-inch, ©1992-2014)
  6. "Bowdish Street Badminton Match" ~ Our Simpson family playing badminton in the backyard of our family home in the 1960s. (8x10-inch, ©1986)
  7. NEW! "CHRISTMAS COMES TO THE CLIFF HOUSE (ARBOR CREST CELLARS)" "Kris Kringle Comes to the Cliff House (Arbor Crest Cellars)" ~ Pictures Santa arriving with his sleigh and reindeer at Arbor Crest Cellars. (8x10-inch, ©2018) Click on What's New and Spokane.
  8. "Christmas in Kokomo" ~ The Michael Doohan family celebrating at home during the holidays. (8x10-inch, ©1987)
  9. "THE CLIFF HOUSE AT ARBOR CREST" ~ Royal Riblet's Cliff House overlooking Spokane Valley which houses Arbor Crest Cellars. (8x10-inch, ©2012) Click onSpokane.
  10. "FINE FALL FINISH" ~ This "neighborhood" features three very different architectural styles (the Craftsman is ours) painted with an autumn picnic theme. (11x14-inch ©2007) Click on Commission.
  11. "Fine Fall Finish (Elliot House Detail)" ~ Detail of painting above showing Lance and Beth Elliott's rambler painted with an autumn picnic theme. (11x14-inch ©2007)
  12. "Fine Fall Finish (Garret House Detail) "~ Detail of painting above showing another Chris and Riok Garret's contemporary open-concept home on the outskirts of Spokane (11x14-inch ©2010)
  13. "FLEXIBLE FLYERS IN THE VALLEY" ~ Snow-themed portrait of the Moran-Henry House on Boone. (8x10-inch, ©2016) Click on Calendar and Spokane.
  14. "GATHERING AT THE GATEHOUSE (ARBOR CREST CELLARS)" ~ Fun scene of Arbor Crest's Annual Art & Glass Fai with a glimpse of the Cliff House in the background. (8x10-inch, ©2016) Click on Calendar.
  15. "Rosebush Cottage on Marguerite" ~ French-inspired "Rosebush" Tudor cottage in the community of Millwood. (8x10-inch, ©2013) .
  16. "SPRINGTIME COMES TO SIMPSON STREET" ~ This large painting pictures five homes that I've lived in and loved ~ four in Spokane and one in Sammamish, Washington. They are also featured as separate images (details) throughout the web site. (16x20-inch, ©2016) Click on Commission.
  17. "Springtime Comes to Simpson Street ( 21st Ave Detail)" ~ Our Simpson family home in Spokane Valley ~ part of the large neighborhood painting of five homes that I've lived in and loved over the years. (16x20-inch, ©2016)



Entire Greater Inland NW/North Idaho Collection pdf ~ Click on this 4-page pdf to see all 16 paintings.

Coming Soon! NEW Artwork of a Vacation Cabin on Sunvale Road, Pend Orielle River

  1. "THE CAST & BLAST" ~ My sisters and me all kitted out for a day of fishing in front of this charming sporting goods store. (11x14-inch, 1998) Click on Spokane.
  2. "COEUR D'ALENE LAKESIDE GETAWAY" ~ The Guenzel family lake place near Rockford Bay on Coeur d'Alene Lake. (11x14-inch, ©2017) Click on Commission.
  3. "Chum & Bob on the Century" ~ My brother, Bob, driving our vintage mahogany Century Resorter with his pal, our golden retrieve, Chum. (8x10-inch, ©1987)
  4. "Dawn at Lovely Newman Lake" ~ The Burton family's beautiful lake retreat on Newman Lake in Northeast Washington. (8x10-inch, ©2007)
  5. LUNCHING ON THE CLARK HOUSE LAWN" ~ The beautiful lakeside inn on Hayden Lake picturing my husband Doug, our kids and grandkids picnicking. (8x10-inch, 2013) Click on Commission.
  6. "FRIENDS FOREVER ~ DELTA DELTA DELTA HOUSE (W.S.U.) ~ Portrait of Tri-Delta sorority house completed for the Orrico family. (8x10-inch, ©2002) Click on Spokane.
  7. "Hayden Lake Haven" ~ My husband and I with our pals, Ric Metzger and the Heilmans, vacationing at Clark and Linda Richard's cabin a few doors down from the Simpson cabin. (8x10-inch, 2000)
  8. NEW! "HNA ~ Let's Celebrate 50 Years" ~ Portrait of the HNA 50th Class Reunion team gals. (5x7-inch, ©2018)
  9. "Little Hayden Lake Cabin" ~ Very early painting of the Simpson family lake cabin. (8x10-inch, 1987)
  10. NEW! "MAPLE TREE FARM" ~ Home for decades to the Greg Arpin Family, this authentic New England-style home surrounded by Maple trees is a remarkable residence on Hangman Valley Road. (8x10-inch, ©2018) Click on Commission.
  11. "The Pierson Place" ~ Richard Pierson's extended family at a reunion at their parent's Avondale rambler in the summertime. (11x14-inch, 1996)
  12. "RICH'S LAKESIDE LODGE" ~ Rich and Linda Cannon's lakeside lodge before it was demolished on Priest Lake. (8x10-inch, 1998) Click on Spokane.
  13. NEW! "SEPTEMBER CELEBRATION AT SETTLER'S CREEK" ~ My niece Kelly Barton's at her wedding with new husband David and stepdaughters Sophia and Danielle at a rural setting near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. (5x7-inch, ©2018) Click on Bridal and Spokane.
  14. "SUMMER DAY AT SUNSET BEACH" ~ Three generations of the Pat and Kathleen Dix family enjoying a day at their beach place at Hayden Lake. (9x12-inch, 2015) Click on Commission.
  15. "Summertime at Sunset Beach" ~ All of us Simpsons at the cabin, heading down to the beach for day of fun in the sun at Hayden Lake. (8x10-inch, ©1985)
  16. "Yellow Door Lake Cabin" ~ Mare Berdan's cozy family-friendly cottage on Pend Oreille Lake, Sandpoint, Idaho. (8x10-inch, ©2007)



  1. "BARTON'S LAKESIDE BEAUTY" ~ Pen & ink portrait of a stunning stone, timber and glass family residence on Lees Point, Hayden Lake, Idaho. (8x10-inch, 2009) Click on Commission.
  2. "PERFECT DAY AT LOON LAKE" ~ Pen, ink & pastels renduring of the Fruci family lake cabin north of Spokane ~ completed for Dave Fruci's 60th birthday gift. (8x10-inch, 2014) Click on Commission.
  3. "PRETTY MORNING AT MANITO PLACE" ~ Pen, ink & pastels surprise Christmas gift created for the young family who lived there (8x10-inch, ©2015) Click on Commission.




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