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My acrylic-on-canvas paintings are colorful and filled with family-friendly details ~ each taking 40-70 hours to complete. I also share works in other media like pen and ink colored with pastels on my COMMISSION page.

RECENT SEASONAL WORKS + THE INLAND NW ART FEATURED BELOW ~ This year's collection has two NEW portraits of beloved vintage-themed schools ~ "Shadle Park High in September (1960s & 1970s)" and "Walking to Woodrow Wilson School (1950s)." You'll also find two NEW legendary landmarks ~ "Winter Magic at the Glorver Mansion" and "Autumn Brilliance at Arbor Crest."

This painting honors a favorite Spokane setting Doug and I have loved for years. We're pictured inside it (left), the Manito Park's Conservatory decorated inside for the season, "Lights A-Glow at the Manito Conservatory." Sadly, COVID ended this tradition.

THREE COLLECTION PAGES ~ The PUGET SOUND and INLAND NW (SPOKANE) pages share Pacific NW settings. This region has it all ~ large cities, the vast Columbia River, the Pacific Ocean with its coastline and islands, rain forests, mountain ranges, prairies filled with wheat fields and valleys loaded with grape vines that serve the ever-growing Washington wine industry.

The MORE PAINTINGS page features scenes from all over the rest of the U.S.A., plus the U.K., Europe, former Soviet Union and beyond.

MY AMERICANA ART ~ The subjects and settings I've chosen to portray are diverse ~ landmarks (both prestigious and fun), parks, schools, churches, "Home Sweet Homes," pets, kiddos, and wonderful friends Doug and I have made over the years ~ and more.

PAGE-BY-PAGE OVERVIEW ~ Further down on this page, I've shared an overview of what's included on each page of this website. THANK YOU!




MY SWEETHEART DOUG ~ After six-plus years battling Sarcoma cancer, my husband smiled at me for the very last ime on Saturday, September 16th, 2023. Words cannot describe how much I miss him. He was everything to me.

At the Hospice House, over 100 friends came to say good-bye. More honored him at his "After Doug" dinner hosted by best pal, Dave Frucci. ASU golf team partner and childhood friend Len Brannen, shared these thoughts with Doug before he passed. No one could have described him better:

"I want you to know how I feel about you, Doug. Of all the people I know or have met, I know no one who has achieved the admiration and respect of others like you have for simply being a genuine, good guy. What shows on the surface is an exact replica of what's inside.That is a very scarce integrity and I take that as a lesson on how to be something better. Thanks for being that example for me and a good friend for life. What a great spirit you have and have always had."

WINNER! WINNER! The collage here shows Doug at Medford, OR's match-play event at Rogue Valley in Autumn 2022. Yes, he won 1st Place in his division, cancer or not! Afterwards we went to Pebble Beach with friends where he shot all three golf rounds in the low 70s . . . A "bucket list" accomplishment and the last time he played golf.

MY CHEERLEADER ~ When we began dating in 1997, Doug joined me at the artists' reception in Olympia at Lt. Gov. Brad Owen's "Children at Play in Washington" exhibit (see my BIOGRAPHY page). For 25 years, he hugely supported me ~ always on-hand to help set up and tear down at art events, sharing his quick smile with creative friends we'd made over the years. He encouraged my love of art, and I, his passion for golf.

Highlight ~ THE HOLIDAY GOLF COLLECTION ~ From 1997 on, I painted images for our Holiday cards that included of us, Santas and snowmen on snow-covered courses each honoring Doug's deep love for "The Greatest Game." See this collection on my MORE PAINTINGS page. This year's Holiday artwork will be the last in this collection.




My "FALL INTO WINTER (+ HOLIDAYS)" Collection on the WHAT'S NEW page features 20 seasonal works. Five themes share four paintings with four NEW ones among past favorites.


Seasonal works pepper this website ~ many on the PUGET SOUND, INLAND NW (SPOKANE) and MORE PAINTINGS Collection pages.












PRIVATE EVENT Currently, I'm on the schedule for the annual Holiday Ladies' Luncheon / Marketplace at Manito Country Club. Doors open at 10:00. I'm so hoping to appear at this "Meet & Greet" as all others for 2023 were cancelled due to Dougie's difficult health challenges. For members and guests only, local artists and crafters will be offering one-of-a-kind items of all kinds to revelers there. The event celebrates the season in a heart-warming way. Find all the details on my ART VENUES page. NOTE: This page also notes possible CANCELLATIONS, as well.




NOTE: Not all of these offer the same items, however the theme everywhere is "FALL INTO WINTER (+ HOLIDAY)." Here's what you'll find:

ACE HARDWARE • 9th Ave. & South Monroe Str • The South Hill ~ With the largest selection of my art items for over 10 years in the Inland NW, Ace offers 90 card images that revolve with the seasons. Shoppers will find the NEW 2024 30th Anniversary Calendars, as well as jigsaw puzzles, magnets and more. Details are below and on the CALS • PUZZLES+ page.

UPS • 29th Ave. & Southeast Blvd • The South Hill ~ This UPS has a 24-image rack of my seasonal cards plus the NEW 30Tth Anniversary calendars. NOTE: Once owners of the UPS on Regal Road, they sold that store and relocated their many services and my fine art work to this setting.

CAROUSEL SHOP & ICE RIBBON • 507 North Howard Street, Riverfront Park • The Downtown District ~ The Looff Carousel has delighted folks since early days at Nat Park and now Riverfront Park. Find two racks of seasonal cards ~ one at the Carousel Shop and the other at the Ice Ribbon.

THE MAC • 2316 First Avenue • Browne's Addition ~ In Spokane's first residential neighborhood west of downtown, The MAC (Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture) Gift Shop has offered my fine art cards and more since 1997. 2023 marked 25+ years at this favorite Spokane venue.

NEW! THE CROSBY MUSEUM • 508 East Sharp, Gonzaga University • The North Side ~ The museum at the Crosby family home began carrying my "Bing Crosby's Craftsman" art cards in 2022. Highlight! these cards wll also be featured at the annual "Bing Crosby Holiday Film Festival" on December 9th presented by the Bing Crosby Advocates at the "Bing" theater in Downtown Spokane.

NEW! SPRINGTIME ONLY ~ HAASE'S NURSERY • 3409 East 34th Avenue • Moran Prairie on the South Hill ~ 2023 marked the first year of my appearance of my art cards in this nursery near Ferris High School. Their season runs short, from Aprill through June. My collection includes scenes of local parks and gardens offered to clients for Easter, Mother's and Father's Day. East of the intersection of 34th and Ray, this is a favorite destination for South Hill gardeners.

COMING SOON! SACRED HEART PROVIDENCE GIFT SHOP ~ Visit my ART VENUES page for a complete list of details on the venues shared above.




On my WHAT'S NEW page, in addition to the 20 seasonal works there, below these I've shared overview (pdf format) of all the NEW art I've created in 2022 and 2023. As mentioned above, my three NEW 2024 30th Anniversary Calendars are AVAILABLE NOW). NEW jigsaw puzzles on the CALENDAR+ PAGE page will be delivered in early 2024. Currently, there are limited quantities of these, with some sold out. Phone me 206.406.1409 for details.



VIP POSTCARDS ~ Normally, I send 2-3 postcards to those on my VIP List via text, email or print (U.S.P.S.) listing in-person venues, NEW artwork and products. This year was an exception because of the special needs that Doug and I were facing.

If you'd like to be added, contact me at 206.406.1409. NOTE: Your privacy is very important to me. I NEVER share your information. Find details on all the items I offer on my ORDERING page.

PITTYPAT STUDIO ~ My studio overlooks brilliant red Maple leavesin Autumn that Winter eventually dusts snow. It's an inspiring place to paint, design, and research my settings (library left). It has everything I need, including books, supplies, framing materials, plus a space to meet with clients. As I design everything myself from my originals, (calendars, cards, puzzles, etc.), I'm in this space a lot. I also create all the promo materials for appearances, plus design my website. More photos are on the BIOGRAPHY page.

PITTYPAT GALLERY • CLOSED ~ A special thank you to everyone who visited me at PittyPat Gallery. Closed in 2020, your kind interest in my work over the years was a gift.!

HELPING OUT ~ I also donate my time / talent to non-profits that need professional help with design. "Putting their best foot forward" in competitive fundraising can make all the difference!



Prior to leaving King County in 2011, I donated design help to the Eastside Heritage Center, Sammamish Arts, Redmond's Historical Society, City of Redmond, and others non-profits. Doug and I returned to Spokane in 2011, so here are causes near and dear to my heart:

SPOKANE PRESERVATION ADVOCATES (2016 years present) ~ Their UPDATE newsletter (left) has been a favorite volunteer project. The quarterly piece shares news about local workshops, projects, fundraisers and more. Working with Executive Coordinator, Dave Shockley has been a pleasure, and I look forward to collaborating well into the future. Visit SPA at for more.

MOORE-TURNER HERITAGE GARDENS (2017-2018 ~ These are Spokane's most historic gardens because of their heritage plantings and vintage structures. Local historian Linda Yeomans invited me to serve as art director to help promote projects and restore the stewardship group's original graphic vision. Sadly, their two benefits (Mothers' Day Tea and Art in Bloom) required so much of my time, I resigned after two years as Doug had just received his cancer diagnosis.

CDA PARK AND BROWNE'S ADDITION NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL (2015 to present) ~ Volunteers Rick and Julie Biggerstaff and Mary Lou Sproul invited me to serve as art director for CDA Park's 125th birthday fund-raiser and the "Art in The Park" event. This included the donation of my original painting of the park's signature gazebo. As time permits, I still help with design projects like posters for the Summer Concerts, Halloween's SpookWalk (Haunted House Tour), and more.

Visit my BIOGRAPHY Page for a list of other causes I support both financially and with my fine art.





A FAVORITE SETTING WE LOVED ~ As mentioned above, in the early-2000s when Doug and I had a Craftsman near Manito Park, we visited the Conservatory's lights display.

Highlight ~ HOW IT CAME TO BE ~ Several years ago, a creative soul in The Friends of Manito stewardship group ( dreamed up a colorful visual delight by winding the branches of the succulents and other heat-loving plants with Holiday lights. A labor of love, volunteers began the ambiitious project right after Halloween. It was spectacular, as pictured here in this painting, and folks love it!

NEW ATTRACTION ~ Sadly the tradition went by the wayside during COVID years. The stewardship group put their heads together and took the Holiday display in a different direction. An outdoor display of figurines and settings with colorful lights was installed where the old zoo used to tether the buffalo and other large annimals.

Although COVID is largley under control these day, once again the new attraction will be offered in December 2023. Patrons can choose between walking or driving through the magical display. Visit the website above for all the details on this year's event.

Life is all about change (COVID shared that), but Doug, I, and others still miss the intimacy of the indoor lights at Gaiser pictured here. Filled with frends, family and a cheery snowman, this piece really says "HAPPY HOLIDAYS"!





With Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah and New Year's highlighting the FALL INTO WINTER seasons, many shops have their decorations ready for shoppers to purchase before Halloween! Gone are the days of glossy evergreens going up on December 6th's Saint Nicholas Day, Now we see twinkling lights visible in windows Thanksgiving night ~ a much anticipated evening project for many famiilies after the big dinner has had a chance to settle.

Last year, Doug and I did our tree in a less traditionallyy. In addition to huge gold balls, we tucked ice skates, trucks, trailers and VW busses between branches stuffed with gold leaves (photo left). We liked the fact that the more folks looked at our little tree, the more unique items they discovered! It was a light-hearted last tree collabortion I've revived again this year.

On our dining room table, I dotted the centerpiece with more skates and trucks among holiy leaves and berries, with fragrant pine cones to carry through the scent and theme of our great room seamlessly. For decades, I've done my table in Canadian textile designer's April Cornell's ( "Cardinals in Ponderosa Pines" linens. Sally Mom's fine china makes its annual appearance with sparkling Holly Berry goblets. After dinner, I hope to fill these with Doug's legendary eggnog. Blessedly, I just found his recipe, so he'll be with us in spirit!

APRIL CORNELL ~ April's an inspiration. From 1974 through 2011, I enjoyed a career as a graphic designer, art director and artist in the Seattle area. Six of those years, I moonlighted at two nearby Arpil Cornell's boutiques. Thanks to her generous discount, my linen closet is still filled with her beautiful linens ~ and my closet with her feminine skirts and tea dresses.

BIRDSONG ~ When Arpil moved her shop from Western Washington to another location, the shop manager offered me her wrought iron "Birdsong" fixtures at a fraction of their cost. These really help me create a seamless presentation at in-person art events. Seamless, yet compeling way. . . . Thank you, April!




INSPIRING SALLY MOM ~ For 96 years, my mother has inspired her three daughters ~ Marilee, Peggy, and me. She taught us all to honor all four seasons and their Holidays with our home decor. Blessed with a fine artistic eye, grace and style, Sally Mom has always put together her surroundings artfully. As youngsters, we kids looked forward to the changes that came with each season. She has always been a "Homemaker" in the truest sense of the word.

AMAZING DIY-ER ~ In addition to seasonal decorating, as toddlers, she sewed our playsets, and during teen years, date outfits, prom dresses and Cotillion gowns (my sisters and I still have ours). She created English-themed cabbage rose slipcovers for our living room and echoed that print into dining room's wallpaper of our Dutch Colonial in the 1950s and 19660s. In countless ways, she infused beauty in every house we lived in. Did I mention she has a glorious green thumb?

A BIG CHANGE ~ After decades in her Spokane Valley condominium, Sally moved into a view apartment at Evergreen Fountains in Spokane Valley. Winter's icy flights of stairs at her condominium ~ plus COVID's isolation from friends initiated this smart choice.

Her new community is peppered with pals from her nearby Catholic parish ~ plus it offers restaurants, social gatherings, indoor water aerobics and is surrounded by gorgeous gardens in warmer months. She has pots on her colorful on her deck in warm months and twinkling Christmas lights during the Holidays.

In addition to visits from all of us Simpsons, Sally loves the proximity of best gal pals Rita Drake and Carmine Perkins. They spent years playing golf together before a hip finally said, "No more, Sally!" These days, Sally Mom and Carmen share Sunday mornings together with Mass at Saint John Vianney followed by breakfast at one of the nearby restaurants.

Life is good at Evergreen Fountains, especially FALL Into WINTER as shared in the photo (left).







WELCOME PAGE • YOU ARE HERE! This "Home" introductory page touches on my background and current projects I'm working on. Plus it shares a little about what inspired me to paint in the Americana style these many decades. As I shared above, my collection numbers 500+ works, with over 250 celebrating the Inland NW and my home town of Spokane, WA.


WHAT'S NEW PAGE • This page features my "FALL INTO WINTER" Collection of 20 seasonal works (4 NEW). Divided into five themes of four paintings ~ plus histories and websties where available, each group begins with a special setting from my hometown. Also on this page, you'll also find a pdf with images of all the NEW paintings completed in 2022 and 2023.!



CALS, PUZZLES+ PAGE • This page shares Four NEW 30th Anniversary 2024 Calendars, Three NEW 4-Image Jigsaw Puzzles and Two Perpetual-life Journals currently IN-THE-WORKS.

AVAILABLE NOW! ~ THREE EDITIONS 2024 30TH ANNIVERSARY CALENDARS ~ See this page for details on each one. Over the past 30 years, they've shared my images of Spokane and the Inland NW, plus other Puget Sount editions celebrating Seattle, King County's Eastside Communities, Snohomish, Port Townsend and Roche Harbor.

Available on my ORDERING page and at Spokane and Inland NW venues, click on the graphic (left) to link to the 6-page pdf sharing images, histories, my bio and credentials.







AVAILABLE IN 2024 ~ INLAND NW (SPOKANE) & WASHINGTON STATE JOURNALS ~ I'm working on my 5th edition, so check this page for details as 2024 unfolds. The spiral-bound date-keepers have 44 color images with histories for each. As they are not date specific, journals have a perpetual shelf-life!


Three four-image jigsaw puzzle are also in the design stages for release in early 2024. See their puzzle boxes (left). All feature Spokane and Inland NW settings, highlighting destinationsin Spokane and the beautiful Inland NW.

FOUR PAINTINGS ~ Instead of a single painting, my puzzles shares four images. Most highlight the four seasons, but there is also a Holiday edition with four memory-filled settings like the Crescent Window at Christmastime.

SUBJECTS & THEMES ~ Each puzzle features a theme and often a specific Spokane neighborhood, i.e. Gonzaga University, historic Manito Park, the architecture of Kirtland Cutter, and others. The addition of these three NEW puzzles brings the total to 10 since I began offering them in 2018 at local venues and art festivals. Click on the "2023 Puzzle Overview" pdf to see all 10. NOTE: Currently some are available in very limited quantities. Others are sold out and not in the rotation for re-printing at this time. Please call or text for details on availability at 206.406.1409.

FINISHED PUZZLES ~ When you place the last piece in your puzzle, the finished work shows the four images and red ribbon with titles of the paintings. NOTE: The left section with the logo and word "PUZZLE" is not visible in the final puzzle.

The 504 piece finished size is 16x20 inches. These fit nicely into standard size frames available at arts and crafts stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Joann's Fabrics. For many, framed puzzles make a fun additions to family room walls.

NOTE: Thanks to so many of you who've sent me photos of your finished "masterpieces. NEW themes for 2023 include:






THREE ARTWORK COLLECTIONS PAGE • With over 500 works of "Americana" fine art, it's easy to create seasonal collections. Each page share dozens of images selected to reflect this season's FALL INTO WINTER THEMED WORK ~ SOME NEW!

ARTWORK GROUPS ~ Each group of paintings in these page opens with a pdf sharing ALL the images and stories for that group. The pdfs are peppered with HEARTS identifying paintings currently featured on thIs website.


COMMISSION PAGE • I love this genre and have created portraits of settings for clients all over the U.S.A. and beyond. This page opens with "neighborhood" paintings with several homes in each. Portraits shared include "Home Sweet Homes," gardens, boats, cars, people of all ages (lots of kiddos), pets and more. Often, these images are included in calendars. This page shares in detail everything you need to know about commissioning a portrait.


ART VENUES PAGE • As shared above, this page shares more about the six art venues listed here and above, plus planned in-person festivals.



ADDITIONS / CANCELATIONS TO MY EVENT CALENDAR ~ As I lost my sweetheart Doug so recently, it's not been a smooth time for me. I had dates circled on my calendar, but with everything on my plate and in my heart, I cancelled most. Please check this page for details on my future participation. As noted above I hope to be at the Manito CC'S private event on December 12th.

FUTURE EVENTS IN 2024 ~ Doug's passing hit me hard as we were a very close couple. It will take time I know, but with hard work and an open heart, I hope to gradually find more balance and peace to move forward. It is truly one day at a time, one foot in front of the other. On a personal note, please know I'm very grateful for everyone's prayers.



ORDERING PAGE • This page shares details about originals, framed canvas reproductions, fine paper prints, print / card gift packets, art journals, calendars, jigsaw puzzles, cards and more. I accent most credit cards, and on occasion, personal checks. As mentioned above, I closed PittyPat gallery in 2020, so I could be there for Doug. My goal was also to shift my focus more to commissions and less on in-person events. Questions? Please call 206.406. 1409.


BIOGRAPHY PAGE • This is my “life story” page. It shares my background and events that helped me grow as an award-winning Americana fine artist ~ from my first grade report card (my inspiring first grade teacher passed away in May 2023 at 94) to the present. This page includes press clippings, magazine articles, art festivals I've helped develop, awards received, plus many charitable causes I've supported over the years like Spokane Symphony's "Christmas Tree Elegance." NOTE: The "Financial and Fine Art Donations" section lists all causes in greater detail.


BRIDAL PAGE • Thanks to the waning of COVID, couples are scheduling their once-in-a-lifetime ceremonies again. On a personal note, these included my niece Stephanie's February wedding in San Diego and good friends Dave and Jeannie Fruci's daughter, Jelsi. Congratulations to both couples!




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