2022 "AMERICANA" SUN & FUN Collection From Fine Artist PATTI SIMPSON WARD

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400+ PIECE FINE ART COLLECTION ~ 250 OF THESE SPOKANE & THE INLAND NORTHWEST) ~ My website features dozens of images created for over 40 years in the "Americana" style. It changes five times annually to reflect the seasons ~ WINTERSPRINGSUMMER AUTUMN and HOLIDAY. Each piece is colorful, friendly, and full of detail ~ often taking 40-60 hours to complete.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST AND BEYOND ~ Much of my collection (Puget Sound, Washington and Spokane, Washington) honors Pacific Northwest settings in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, but you'll also see some from Utah, Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii and more on the More Paintings page, as well the U.K. (Canada, England, Scotland, etc.), Europe, the former Soviet Union and more.

You'll find prestigious and fun landmarks, parks, schools, churches, "Home Sweet Homes," folks of all ages, pets, and more. The "Page-by-Page Overview of the Summer Website" is further down on this page.


Saturday, August 20th and and Sunday, August 21st, Arbor Crest Cellars in Spokane Valley is bringing back its beloved Art & Glass Fest! The event features a large group of artists and fine crafters, live music, food (good news, this year your own picnic basket is welcome), and its famous wine and beer at this cliff-top scenic setting. I'll be unveiling several NEW works including the painting below, "Gathering at the Fox Park Gazebo" plus my NEW portrait of the "Historic Beautiful Chancery Building ~ ALL reflecting this magical time of year! Visit my Art Venues page for more information on the Art & Glass Fest.



I am SO grateful to everyone who came by my booth June 11th at the Manito Park art event. Thanks also to my two assistants, Maggie Brannen and Mary Anne Sleeth, who helped make this Summer's Second Annual Art Festival such a success! After a damp, cool Spring in the Pacific Northwest, we were all blessed with a day of gorgeous sunshine and folks of all ages came out by the dozens. Thank you Mother Nature! I appreciate everyone's generous interest in my "Americana" art and kind patronage throughout the many hours that June Saturday ~ making this outdoor event one of my most successful ever!



SUMMER ~ Sunshine has been in full swing with a number of days in the 90s this year! Along with hundreds of other folks here in the Northwst, my husband and I are enjoying EVERYTHING this season has to offer ~ trips to nearby lakes, golf courses, parks (see the picnic painting below) ~ and fun in general with friends and family as shared in the photo at the top of this page at the family cabin at Hayden Lake's Sunset Beach.



We've all circled Memorial Day (the unofficial start of Summer), Independence Day, and Labor Day on our calendars, so in my 2022 "SUN & FUN" Collection, you'll see lots of red, white and blue flags and other patriotic decorations celebrating the good ol' U.S.A. Aren't we lucky to live in a country where "Freedom Rings" on more than just three holidays!?! The "Americana" collection on my What's New page features 24 paintings (four NEW) with six Summer themes divided into groups of four paintings each.





Anyone who knows me, gets how much I LOVE my home town, Spokane, WA. After years working in Seattle, it's happily my creative base again. Find my "SUN & FUN" collection at these four Spokane & Inland Northwest venues.

• CAROUSEL GIFT SHOP, DOWNTOWN'S RIVERFRONT PARK ~ The glittering vintage Looff Carousel delights folks of all ages every season. Find my art cards and more at this famous merry-go-round's gift shop.

• THE MAC IN BROWNE'S ADDITION ~ Located in Spokane's first residential neighborhood west of Downtown Spokane, the Museum Shopt at The MAC (Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture) has offered my fine art cards and more since 1997.

• ACE HARDWARE ON SOUTH MONROE (The largest selection of my art items for over a decade!) This is THE store for the busy DIYer. For over 10 years, Ace has offered 90 different card images that revolve with the seasons ~ plus NEW calendars annually, magnet art for your fridge, and collage-style jigsaw puzzles (2 NEW this year of local settings).

COMING SOON! THE UPS STORE ON THE UPPER SOUTH HILL ~ Located on 29th & Southwest Boulevard, this store will be featurng my artwork items soon. Look for a rack filled with Autumn-themed (including Halloween and Thanksgiving) cards there soon plus plus all three NEW 2023 Calendars. NOTE ~ The UPS Store on 57th and Regal has been purchased by new owners who have chosen to no longer feature work by local artists. Thank you to to so many of you who stopped by the shop and purchased my artwork items over the last many years. I'm so grateful.



Look for more details on these venues further down on this page under the "Page-by-Page • Overview of My Website" section and on my Art Venues page. Once again, a huge thanks to these fine small businesses that have supported my artistic efforts for so many years in the Inland Northwest!

MY SPECIAL ASSISTANT ~ Thank you to Lori Arpin who has helped keep my inventory re-stocked in Spokane while I'm back and forth from Houston dealing with my husband's health issures the past six years. There ARE "Angel on Earth"!

ORDERING DIRECTLY ~ Even though the last two COVID years were a bit challenging, I've always been able to fill orders and accept commissions. Contact me at 206.406.1409 (phome number also shared at the foot of each website page) for details. Visit my Ordering page to find all the info on cards, calendars, puzzles, prints, originals and more! NOTE ~ If you own a shop or gallery and would like to include my work, please visit my Art Venues page, or phone me at 206.406.1409.



SUMMER-THEME PAINTINGS ~ AND MORE! ~ My "Americana" Collection of 400+ pieces has lots to offer. In addition to originals, prints, dozens of art cards, puzzles, magnets and more, the pages here share some NEW items.


SPECIAL EVENT MAILINGS ~ Normally, I send postcards via text, email or print (U.S.P.S.) sharing my schedule of events. If you are on my V.I.P. (Very Important Patron) List, this happens twice a year ~ SPRING SUMMER and AUTUMN WINTER HOLIDAYS.

NEW ART ITEMS ~ Also, I use postcards to introduce NEW items (like puzzles and calendars), and where you can find them in the Inland Northwest. Please phone me about availability at 206.406.1409. See a short list of my art products below, with a more indepth overview on my Ordering page.

YOUR PRIVACY ~ To be added to my VIP List, please phone or text me at 206.406.1409 with your contact information. Your privacy is very important to me. NOTE ~ I absolutely NEVER share your personal information.



With our move to Moran Prairie and some persistent family health challenges, it seemed the right time to close PittyPat Gallery. These days I'm spending more time in my studio with several commissions in-progress for clients ~ focusing more on one-on-one creating.

MY STUDIO ~ Blessedly, this setting receives lots of natural sunlight. It has everything I need for creating ~ a library of historic and technical art books, supplies like paint, brushes, art paper, and canvases in many sizes. There's also a space for meeting with clients.

DOING IT ALL, AND LOVING IT ~ As I actually create many items myself, there's a design center for calendars (29th edition this year), journals (44 images), layouts for jigsaw puzzles and their boxes, cards, magnets, gift packets, and more. I also design my in-person event signs, banners, business cards, flyers, overviews of current collections in retail venues ~ plus five editions of my website each year reflecting the seasons. I'm a busy gal!

And did I mention the originals? As each piece of fine art takes 40-60 hours to create, much of my time is spent creating these. NOTHING would happen without them!

HELPING MY COMMUNITY ~ Every year, I also donate hours of art direction and design skills to local charities in need of professional help. "Putting their best foot forward" in the highly competitive world of fundraising can be a huge challenge for volunteer organizations.

PITTYPAT GALLERY ~ SO . . . thank you to everyone who visited my gallery over the decades. When it was open, your generous patronage was priceless! I love what I do and I'm glad you do, too. Find more studio images at the foot of my Biography page.






FUNDS AND FINE ART DONATIONS ~ I donate a portion of the money I make annually to the Holy Names and Franciscan Sisters retirement funds. I also support The Friends of Manito, The MAC, and many other worthy causes in the Spokane area. I have also given framed works to fundraisers hosted by Providence Medical Center (Sacred Heart), Saint Al's Parish, the Holy Name's Music Center, SPA, and many more.

CTE ~A beloved benefit I've supported for years is Spokane Symphony's "Christmas Tree Elegance." 2021 marked my 8th year in this. CTE at the historic Davenport Hotel usually begins Thanksgiving weekend and ends with its mid-December drawing. My "Lights A-Glow at the Manito Conservatory" (pictured here) was featured at Tree #6, Elizabeth C. Raol's "An Inland Northwest 'Staycation.'" Elizabeth shared that the winners of her 2021 tree were delighted that my art of the conservatory was included in their package.

Highlight ~ Elizabeth recently reached out to me for another framed print for her 2022 CTE entry. Patrons of this year's CTE benefit will find my art of "The Crescent at Christmastime" honoring the beloved (now sadly closed) department store with special memories shared by every Inland Northwest baby-boomer.

LIST OF 2022 AND 2021 FINE ART DONATIONS ~ For a complete list of causes, see "Caring About My Community ~ and Beyond" near the foot of my Biography page.



HOMEOWNING ~ After a decade in our 1937 cottage by Manito Park, Doug wanted less work than a vintage "fixer-upper" requires. We also even more time working to keep our yard pristine, tending to roses by our fence, plus the large backyard vegetable garden. Don't get me wrong ~ I was right beside Doug, weeding gloves on!

GOLF ~ Add to that, health challenges over the past six years has made leisure time playing golf with his best buddies (and some-times me) a major priority. Part of the ASU Golf Team in the 1970s, he's still a very enviable "stick." Golf is his first love after me!

LUCK AND MORE ~ We tried selling our Craftsman in 1999, but ran into one challenge after another, so took it off the market to re-think strategy. We found the right realtors, I worked my staging magic inside and out ~ and the second effort sold immediately!

Where to live? Doug was firm on "must haves" ~ lawn care, newer construction, a two-car attached garage, and 24/7 security for frequent trips to Texas for his medical treatments. Miraculously, he found exactly what he wanted thanks to the same realtors who sold our cottage. We closed on both homes the same day in July 2020.

THE "EXTRA" ~ Our new Moran Prairie neighborhood L's from one lane to another ~ and at this bend, developers created Fox Park. Dotted with shady trees surounding a charming, roomy gazebo, it was perfect for picnics with chairs, tables and hanging baskets. Although we haven't lived here long enough to celebrate quite like my scene in this artwork, with all the sunny weather and the gradual subsiding of Covid, we know a big picnic's coming soon!

Highlight ~ Once settled, we found we already knew three of our neighbors. And then, when reading my grandmother's journal, I learned their farm had been just six blocks north of us. Full circle!








PATRIOTIC COLORS ~ As I shared above and on my What's New page, this season is all about everything "SUN & FUN"!

"HOME SWEET HOME" ~ From the moment folks enter our door with its flag wreath, patriotic touches welcome you. An iron Uncle Sam bank and antique toy boat sit on the coffee table near plates on the wall with pick-up trucks on each. A huge bouquet of white blossoms and with wicker stars sits on our dining room table dressed in April Cornell's "Gracious Garden Blue" linens ~ reminding us how lucky we are to live in the U.S.A.

INSPIRING "APRIL" ~ From 1974 through 2011, I enjoyed a career as an graphic designer, art director and fine artist in the Seattle, WA area. For six of those years, I moonlighted at Canadian textile designer April Cornell's (AprilCornell.com) boutique nearby. Thanks to her generous discount, My linen closet is still stocked with her home goods in stunning seasonal patterns. Thank you so much, April!

MEMORIES ~ Summer's here, so all the framed photos in the hallway share images of good times at the lake, on the golf course, and "Happy Hour" entertaining friends on our back deck. Toy bicycles are tucked here and there in our cottage ~ reminding everyone that Summer is for ALL about "SUN & FUN"!

GARDENS & GROUNDS ~ White daisies, red geraniums, and blue lavender and hydrangea blossoms in our front gardens welcome guests. Red wax begonias border everything. The back is filled with nine of Doug's beloved roses. Even though this Spring gave us a record number of wet, cool days, SUNSHINE is our friend ~ a sure thing for July, August and September!

SO LONG, HONEY LOCUST TREE ~ When we moved into our Moran Prairie cottage in 2020, a huge, very messy Honey Locust tree shaded our entire front yard. Aptly named, it dropped tiny leafy branches in bits and pieces well into Winter for over a year before my husband Doug finally shared how much he hated it. My thoughts exactly!

By mid-Summer last year, we replaced it with a smaller, lovelier (and tidier) Ornamental Pear from "Barn and Blossom" (BarnAndBlossom.com) near our home. With so much sunshine in our front yard, the flower beds have exploded. Getting rid of the Locust was the BEST idea! No regrets. (See my home portrait on the Commission page under "Home Sweet Homes and Gardens" section.)

Highlight ~ Find more images of our patriotic light-hearted decor by clicking on the image here or on the "Sun & Fun Summer Home Sweet Home" pdf.


SALLY MOM • ALWAYS AN INSPIRATION! ~ I must confess that all this Summer (and every other season and Holiday throughout the year) decorating has been inspired by "Sally Mom."

For as many of her 95 years (June 10, 2022 we all celebrated her birthday) as my sisters Marilee, Peggy and I can remember, she has done this with grace and style. Sally Mom has always had a fine artistic eye and is a true "artist homemaker" in the most creative sense of the phrase.

AMAZING DIY-ER ~ In addition to her revolving seasonal decor, nothing seemed beyond this DIY-er. She sewed play-sets for us as toddlers. As teenagers, she made most of our date outfits, prom dresses and Cotillion gowns (my sisters and I still have ours!). She slip-covered furniture in her own designs in several of our homes, installing wallpaper and generally placing her talented fingers all over every inch of every residence the Simpsons ever shared. And did I mention, she has a glorious green thumb? Much of this terraced garden in this photo at my brother Bob's property at Hayden Lake is her hardiwork.

A BIG CHANGE ~ After decades at Mountain View Estates in Spokane Valley, Sally moved into a new view apartment further east at Evergreen Fountains. Cold snowy Winters with two flights of stairs open to the elements plus the isolation brought on by two years of dealing with the possibility of getting COVID ~ helped her come to this decision.

Now in a Senrior Community peppered with longtime friends from Saint John Vianney Catholic Parish ~ plus ammenities like restaurants, social gatherings, water aerobics at the indoor pool, lush gardens (of course, she alreadty has her own pea patch plot) ~ plus the proximity to best pals Carmen Perkins and Rita Drake, Sally has been busy making herself very much at home. We'll all visit often.

THE CREATIVE "JUICE" ~ Regardless, Sai is the creative "juice" behind nearly everything my sisters and I have accomplished at our own "Home Sweet Homes." Thank you, Sally Mom!







You're here!



As mentioned above, this fun page is ALL about Summer, some celebrating our three beloved patriotic holidays. See 24 paintings (three NEW!) in 6 groups of 4 paintings each ~ many with RED WHITE • and BLUE decorations! The collection features six Summer Theses.


"2022 & 2021 ALL NEW ART OVERVIEW" ~ This pdf shares 20 works completed last year and what's on my list so far for 2022. Look for more portraits of Inland Northwest parks and schools are on this year's list to come!





Click on the Bold Red Titles here for seven-page calendar OVERVIEWS) ~ Pages 1-4 share the four seasonal covers (SPRING SUMMER AUTUMN HOLIDAY). Page 5 has "thumbnail" images of all the art. Page 6 gives historial details for each setting. Page 7, my biography and credentials, plus more images from that featured collection. NOTE ~ As the year progresses, cover choices are subject to availability.


COMING IN 2022 ~ TWO NEW 5TH EDITIONS OF SPOKANE AND WASHINGTON STATE JOURNALS ~ 5th editions of these popular perpetual-shelf-life journals are in-progress. Find out more on the Calendar+ page. Features include:



This year's puzzles feature four images on each Inland Northwest setting divided by season (except for the Holiday edition). The two NEW puzzles celebrate Gonzaga University and historic churches on Spokane's South Hill. The finished 504-piece size is 16x20-inches ~ perfect for standard-sized frames. Artwork titles included for each puzzle are listed below. Find more information on these on my Calendars+ page.




Find more information on the Calendars+ and Ordering pages. NOTE ~ The "Fun 'Landmarks'" puzzle is not available at this time.



During my many decades as an "Americana" fine artist, as shared above I've created 400+ paintings and drawings that are divided into three collections. These three website pages feature images that revolve and complement the current seasons. You'll find lots of seasonal-themed artwork in each collection.

ENTIRE COLLECTION PDFS ~ At the BEGINNING of the artwork groupings on each page are pdfs with images plus stories for ALL the pieces created for that collection.

THE BIG LIST ~ Click on "The BIG List" graphic footer at the bottom of the Puget Sound, Spokane or More Paintings pages to link you to an alphabetical list of titles and descriptions of all the art created for each of the three collections. In some cases, you'll find a few pen and inks and pastel sketches included as well. Red bold type titles link you to the page where the artwork is featured throughout this website.


COMMISSION PAGE ~ A genre I love,, I’ve re-created private residences (this page is filled with them) and other settings for clients all over the U.S.A. and beyond ~ making many friends in the process. In the last decade, I've also offered portraits of kiddos and critters. Filled with personal detail, commissioned pieces are cherished mementos.

DOZENS OF SAMPLE IMAGES ~ This page shares over two-dozen works completed for clients as well as a step-by-step guide for commissioning artwork. Highlight~ I frequently include paintings commissioned by my clients in my calendars.



2022 IN-PERSON ART EVENTS ~ So far this year, I've appeared in my first event in a quite while, June's Manito Park Art Festival. As noted above, Arbor Crest Cellars' Annual Art & Glass Fest is back in late August! This page shares all the details on in-person art events inlcuding photos of the settings. After two years of cancellations due to COVID challenges, my calendar Is filling up again, so please visit this page to find more information as events are added througout the year.

NOTE RE: CANCELATIONS ~ As shared above, in addition to COVD concerns, many of you know my Doug has been dealing with health challenges these past six years. 2021 was particularly tough, and I cancelled all my Holiday festivals to support him with a new clinical trial at Houston's M.D. Anderson. Blessedly, he is in best hands on the planet with the most amazing, caring team of doctors and support staff ~ all working hard (even partnering with other facilities) to give him the very best quality of life, regardless of what state we are visiting for treatment. We are so lucky ~ and VERY grateful

FIVE LOCATIONS WITH MY WORK IN SPOKANE, WA ~ As shared above, my Art Venues page has complete details plus photos of these four Spokane, WA venues. NOTE ~ I update this page when venues open, close, change hours of operation ~ and when life intervenes. Blessedly, I have a handful of very kind friends who help me stay on-track when challenges arise.

NOTE ~ Once again, the new owners of the UPS Store on 57th and Regal have made the decision to no longer feature work by local artists. Thank you to to so many of you who stopped by the shop and purchased my artwork items over the last many years. I appreciate your interest and spatronage so much!



Also, as I shared above, I closed PittyPat Gallery to focusing more extensively on my studio work and commissions ~ and a little less on in-person appearance, so please call me directly at 206.406.1409 with questions ~ or just to say "Hi!" This page shares details about originals, framed canvas reproducitons, fine paper reproductions, print / card gift packs, art journals, calendars, collage jigsaw puzzles, cards and more. I accept most major credit cards and on occasion, personal checks.



This is my “life story” page. It shares my background growing up and highlights events that helped me grow as an award-winning "Americana" fine artist. Pivotal events range from my first grade report card (I’m still in touch with my inspiring teacher Sr. Rita Mae Fischer) to the present. You will also find several pdfs of press clippings and magazine articles. I've also included a list of charitable causes I've supported ~ past to present ~ including 2022's Spokane Preservation Advocates "Sparkle & Spend" Benefit and the annual "Christmas Tree Elegance" fundraiser mentioned above. The "Financial and Fine Art Donations" on this page shares all the specifics.



After wedding "hiccups" due to COVID, couples are scheduling their once-in-a-lifetime ceremonies again. On a personal note, this includes my lovely neice, Stephanie Simpson's celebration of marriage scheduled for February 2023 in San Diergo near Coronado. CONGRATS, STEPH AND RYAN!

Visit this page if you are interested in having a custom wedding portrait created as a memento of your special day. Most of the art on this page was commissioned by clients who also used their images on invitations. I shared above that I'm also an accomplished art director / digital graphic designer with decades of professional experience, so this process is an easy one for me.

You'll find samples of creative text-only samples as well as image-based materials on this page. I also offer collateral items like R.S.V.Ps, shower invites, ceremony programs and more. If you are interested in this one-of-a-kind personal service, phone me at 206.406.1409 for details.







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