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CELEBRATIONS ~ In addition to the lovely colors this season is famous for, Spring is a a time of celebration for my husband Doug and me.

These include our 21st wedding anniversary, both of our birthdays, our granddaughter's Addison and Piper's birthdays, my Sally Mom's 94th ~ plus Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and the unofficial beginning of Summer, Memorial Day Weekend!

PAPPADEAUX SEAFOOD KITCHEN ~ On a recent trip to Houston, TX, (image right) Doug presented me with a delectable birthday confection created by the chefs at Pappadeaux (Pappadeaux.com). It was pre-COVID, so we were still able to gather at fine restaurants ~ soon to come again as more folks are vaccinated and the virus diminishes.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is known for traditionnal Cajun-French cuisine with locations in Houston, New Orleans, Phoenix and other cities throughout the South. Pappadeaux is world-famous for its authentic Southern hospitality!

ANOTHER HIGH POINT ~ HOUSTON'S OLD BRAESWOOD MAGNIFICENT MANSIONS IN SPRING ~ Anyone who is familiar iwth my work, knows how much I LOVE painting beautiful residential architecture. Another Houston highlight was an afternoon spent walking nearby Old Braeswood. Block after block was filled with grand mansions around a lovely park and stunning gardens. Everywhere we went, magnolias, beaugainvillea and more were in full Spring colorful bloom.

After our fun outing, the concierge who recommended it shared that several of the spectacular residences belonged to medical professors from the University of Texas and other nearby universities like Rice and Baylor. Many of these fine educators also staff hospitals affiliated with their colleges ~ like the University of Texas' MD Anderson Cancer Center. Known throughout the world as the BEST at treating cancer, this world-famous medical center has been miraculous for our family.

Visit my What's New page to see "SWEET SPRING COLORS" ~ 6 groupings of 4 "Home Sweet Homes" in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Themes include:





SPECIAL EVENT MAILINGS ~ Normally I send postcards via email, text or printed hard copy (U.S.P.S.) with my schedule of venues. If you are on my V.I.P. (Very Important Patron) List, this happens 2 to 3 times a year. Sadly, COVID cancelled most events in 2020, but with the development of new vaccines, hopefully 2021 will see these events resume.

NEW ARTWORK ITEMS ~ I also use postcards to introduce NEW fine art items and where you can find them locally in the Inland Northwest. Shipping is ususally available for out-of-town clients. Items include originals, prints, cards, calendars, journals, collage jigsaw puzzles, and more.

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UNVEILING NEW ART ~ Often times when I complete a NEW piece, you'll find the image on my Facebook page "PattiSimpsonWardArt." The portrait of the Victorian residence featured below is on Facebook now. NEW fine art images on Facebook are usually part of the same seasonal collection on my web site. Find out more on my What's New and Art Venues pages.



As mentioned above, due to COVID-19, our move to Moran Prairie, and recent family health challenges, I closed PittyPat Gallery. Thank you to all of you who visited over the decades. Your kind interest and generious patronage was a wonderful gift. With the closure of the gallery, I've shifted my focus to my studio. This design space includes paint, canvases, easels holding works-in-progress, bookcases filled with design and art history books, a seating area, and a digital graphic section (image above left) where I design my web site, cards, calendars, puzzles and more from finished artwork.

This Spring's theme is "SWEET SPRING COLORS" ~ an annual collection of garden colors reflected by "Home Sweet Homes" in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Please phone me at 206.406.1409 if you have questions about these 24 paintings (many NEW) on my What's New page. I am also happy to share details about commissions, future art festivals, charities I support with donations of my work ~ and more. Find updates on my Art Venues and Biography pages as 2021 unfolds.



Again, find me on Facebook at "PattiSimpsonWardArt."


WHERE TO FIND MY WORK ~ Find details about future art festivals, shops and galleries further down on this page under "Page by Page Overview of my Spring 2021 Web Site" and in greater detail on the Art Venues page. NOTE ~ If you own a shop or gallery and would like to include my work, please visit this page as well or phone me directly at 206.406.1409.



DONATING MY TIME AS ART DIRECTOR/GRAPHIC DESIGNER ~ Spokane Preservation Advocates and More!


FINANCIAL & FINE ART DONATIONS ~ I donate a substantial portion of the money I make annually to the Holy Names Sisters and Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration retirement funds, to the Greater Gonzaga Guild ~ and other worthy causes. I have also given framed fine art to charitable venues hosted by Sacred Heart Providence Medical Center, Spokane Symphony's "Mozart on the Green" at Manito Park, Christmas Tree Elegance, the Holy Name's Music Center at Fort George Wright ~ and other benefits. In 2020, most benefits were cancelled, but with a healthier 2021, hopefully many of these will be revived. For a complete list of the causes I support, please see "Caring About My Community ~ and Beyond" near the bottom of my Biography page.





BROWNE'S ADDITION BEAUTY ~ Browne's Addition is Spokane's first and oldest neighborhood and was home to many city fathers and their families in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Wealthy entrepreneurs and business tycoons lived in grand homes designed and built by architects like Kirtland Kelsey Cutter, Loren Rand and others in a variety of architectural styles like Tudor-Revival, Federal, Prairie, Colonial and Mission-Revival.

VIVACIOUS VICTORIANS ~ There is a handful of Victorians like the well known Page-Ufford Queen Anne overlooking Latah Valley and what is now the 1899 House B&B ~ a Loren Rand mansion in east Browne's Addition. These jewel-toned beauties are especially pretty in the Spring as they echo the colors of blossoms popping out everwhere in this historic neighborhood.

A RARE COLOR ~ As far as I know, this is the only pink Victorian in Browne's Addition. Built on Pacific Avenue near a pocket of friendly restaurants and bistros, I found no information on it in Spokane's historical archives. Likely, it was once a grand single-family dwelling converted into units for returning World War II servicemen ~ the fate of many large residences here in the late 1940s. When I painted this, it appeared to be an apartment house.

PRETTY PINK POSIES ~ This fine art honors Spring ~ with a vintage pickup truck piled high with pink hydrangea bushes and containers of sweet impatiens for planting in the front gardens and beds surrounding the mansion.

Highlight ~ See several Browne's Addition beauties (including some mentioned above) in the "SWEET SPRING COLORS" collection of "Home Sweet Homes" on my What's New page.










My husband lost his folks within a couple years of each other during early years of our marriage. Russ and Kay left Doug a bequest which allowed him to buy a small home by other "snowbird" pals in Arizona." Thanks to a golf scholarship decades ago, Doug graduated from ASU, so a vacation home in Arizona was always his dream. These days with frigid Northwest weather, we head to the "Valley of the Sun" when we can.

Occasionally, we spend the Easter hols with my sis Peggy and her husband who have been vacationing nearby since Jeff retired and sold his business. Once extremely avid snow skiers, these days, they're chasing "the little white ball" in the desert.

Even though our place in Arizona is is half the size of our Spokane house, both have a similar feel. Light and airy with lots of windows, white woodwork, bead-board trim and slip-covered furniture, I've dressed both in easy-to-live-with cottage style for comfort and convenience. Our place overlooks a golf course (Doug loves that!) with small lakes that are home to ducks and geese.

CANADIAN DESIGNER APRIL CORNELL ~ In Spring, I give our place the April Cornell (AprilCornell.com) "treatment" (image left) ~ floral fabric throughout with jars of fresh blossoms everywhere. When art directing in Seattle before our return to Spokane, I moonlighted one night a week at one of April's boutiques. I must confess, most of my paycheck went back into her business as her employee discount was generous! My linen closets are still full of her seasonal patterns ~ I never tire of them!

Find the article on accomplished April in the March/April 2017 issue of Victoria magazine, "April Cornell ~ Conversing in Color." Copies are available on eBay and at most libraries.

To see more of our friendly desert Spring decor, click on the image of our living room here or on Southwest Home Sweet Home.pdf.



SALLY MOM ~ ALWAYS AN INSPIRATION! ~ I must confess that all of this fun Spring (and EVERY other season and holiday throughout the year) decorating is inspired by my mother ~ lovingly referred to as "Sally Mom."

For as many of her 94 years (June 2021 birthday) as my sisters Marilee, Peggy and I can recall, she has done this with grace and style. She has a flawless artistic eye and is a true "Homemaker" in the most creative sense of the word.

In addition to her revolving seasonal decor, nothing seems beyond this DIY-er. She sewed play-sets for us as toddlers ~ and as teenagers, most of our date outfits, prom dresses and Cotillion gowns (my sisters and I still have ours!). She slip-covered (her own designs) furniture in several of our homes, installed wallpaper, and replaced her condominium's aggregate stone hearth and fireplace with elegant marble. In her late 80s, Sally orchestrated a complete remodel of her 1970s kitchen ~ converting it into a sleek center for easy food prep and entertaining. She's looking forward to being a hostess again soon as most of her friends and family have been vaccinated against COVID.

In addition to all the work she did at every home she and my dad owned, she's tended the gardens surrounding her condominium building and the Hayden Lake family cabin (now my brother Bob's). She created a terraced rock garden dotted with flowers surrounding her vintage Saint Francis statue at the lake and on warm days, this is a great place to escape the sun with Sally Mom and a good book.

Indeed, she is the inspiration behind nearly everything my sisters and I have accomplished at our own "Home Sweet Homes." Sis Marilee's prolific gardens are truly legendary and Peggy's created a very welcome setting at her lakeside lodge. Especially during Spring, Sally Mom's (image right) green thumb is guaranteed to make an appearance!






WELCOME ~ You're here!



"SPRING IS BUSTING OUT ALL OVER!" ~ This Rogers & Hammerstein beloved tune says it all! There is color everywhere sharing that Winter is finally over! This much anticipated season inspires my annual celebration of Spring garden colors.

2021 & 2020 ART OVERVIEW ~ Click on the "All NEW Artwork" pdf on my What's New page to see 2 NEW paintings finished this year plus 14 works created in 2020.



VERY Limited Quantities ~ 2021 INLAND NW CALENDARS ~ Click on the Calendar+ page to learn about the 6 NEW paintings in each with links to Overviews of all the images included plus complete details on both editions.

This page also includes a pdf listing the names of ALL the calenders I've created since the first one in 1994 to present ~ plus several calendar cover images as well.


COMING IN 2021! 5TH EDITION SPOKANE, WA AND WASHINGTON STATE JOURNALS ~ The 4th Edition Fine Art Journals with a perpetual shelf life are SOLD OUT in both the Spokane and Washington State editions, but NEW 5th editions are in the design stage. Find out more on the Calendar+ page. Features include:


2 NEW EDITIONS + RE-RELEASE OF 3 2019 COLLAGE-STYLE JIGSAW PUZZLES ~ In 2019, I created 3 collage-style (4 images in each) jigsaw puzzles, introducing them at Christmastime. ALL editions sold in less than a month! At Christmas 2020, I added 2 NEW puzzles and reprinted the first 3.. The finished 504-piece size is 16x20-inches ~ perfect for standard-sized frames. The artwork titles included for each puzzle are listed below. Fine more information about these on my Calendars+ page.


Find more info on the Calendars+ and Ordering pages.


ARTWORK COLLECTIONS ~ During my many years as an Americana fine artist, I've created hundreds of paintings and drawings that are divided into 3 collections. These 3 web stie pages feature images that revolve and complement the current seasons. You'll find lots of Spring artwork in each!

ENTIRE COLLECTION PDFS ~ On the collection pages at the end of each artwork group, you'll find pdfs with images and stories for ALL the pieces created for that group.

THE BIG LIST ~ Click on "The BIG List" graphic footer at the bottom of each Puget Sound, Spokane or More Paintings page to link to an alphabetical list of titles and descriptions of all the art created for each of the 3 collections. In some cases, you'll find a few pen and ink line drawings and pastel sketches as well. Red bold type titles link you to the artwork featured throughout the web site.


COMMISSION ~ My favorite genre, I’ve recreated private residences and other architectural settings for clients all over the United States and beyond ~ making many friends in the process. In recent years, I’ve also offered portraits of children and pets. Filled with personal detail, commissioned pieces are cherished mementos.

DOZENS OF SAMPLE IMAGES ~ This page shares over 2-dozen works completed for clients as well as a step-by-step guide for commissioning artwork. Frequently, I include commissioned paintings in my calendars.

ART VENUES ~ This page lists 2021 Special Art Events like the Arbor Crest Cellars Art & Glass Fest (with Sally Mom image left) that are being revived ~ plus Shops and Galleries galleries currently open and carrying my work. As COVID-19 wanes and more folks are vaccinated, Art Festivals and Venues will be added. Here is a short list of Art Venues:


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BIOGRAPHY ~ This is my “life story” page. It shares my background growing up and highlights events that helped me grow as an award-winning Americana artist. Pivotal events range from my first grade report card (I’m still in touch with my inspiring teacher Sr. Rita Mae Fischer) to the present. You will also find several pdfs of press clippings and magazine articles. I've also included a list of charitable causes I supported in 2020 and others to come this year.


BRIDAL ~ Weddings are one of many things placed "on-hold" because of COVID-19, but couples are starting to honor this beloved tradition of LOVE again ~ perhaps in the beginning with social distancing and smaller guest lists. Visit this page if you are interested in having a custom wedding portrait created as a memento of your very special day. Most of the fine art featured here was commissioned by clients as wedding mementos and/or for use on their invitations. Plus, I’m also a professional art director/digital graphic designer with decades of experience, so I’ve shared some creative text-only samples as well. I also offer collateral items like R.S.V.Ps, shower invites, ceremony programs and more. If you are interested in this one-of-a-kind personal service, phone me at 206.406.1409 for details.






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