Entire Seattle Collection pdf ~ Click on the 4-page pdf to see all 14 paintings.

  1. "AUTUMN AT THE ACADEMY THROUGH THE YEARS "~ Handsome neo-classical school building with three generations of students and educators. (9x12-inch, ©2010) Click on Puget Sound.
  2. "Cabin Cruiser Queen of Seafari" ~ Vintage wooden cabin cruiser among other watercraft at "Seafair" with the fabulous "Blue Angels." (8x10-inch, ©1999).
  3. "Diane's Darling" ~ Diane and Bill Pryor's brick Tudor on Magnolia. (8x10-inch, 1998)
  4. "Happy Times at the 303 House" ~ My sister, Marilee's home in the Green Lake neighborhood. (8x10-inch, ©1987)
  5. "Leslie's Little Cottage" ~ Leslie Ritter and her husband, Steve Hall, in front of their home in View Ridge. (8x10-inch, 1993)
  6. "THE HUSKY HOUSE" ~ Margy and Scott Samuelsen's Tudor-style half-timbered two-story on the shoreline of Lake Washington. They own the original work. (11x14-inch, 1998) Click on Puget Sound.
  7. "Merrymaking with Mary Beth" ~ Mary Beth Ballantyne's Capitol Hill home at Christmastime with my sister Marilee, friend Mary and me arriving for a holiday dinner. (8x10-inch, 1994)
  8. "Merrymaking with Mary Beth's Family" ~ Mary Beth Ballantyne's sons, daughters, in-laws, pets and more arrive for Christmas ~ portrait created for Christmas card art in 1994. (8x10-inch, ©1994) .
  9. "Phil and His Three Purring Pals" ~ Phil Stewart and his kitties in front of his home in Ballard. (8x10-inch, 1993)
  10. "PIONEER SQUARE PERGOLA" ~ The beautiful pergola in the center of historic Pioneer Square, restored once again after being demolished by an errant delivery truck. (8x10-inch, 2002) Click on Puget Sound.
  11. "STATELY STIMSON-GREEN MANSION" ~ Beautiful old Kirkland K. Cutter Tudor-Reviival on Capitol Hill in Seattle. (8x10-inch, 2002) Click on Puget Sound.
  12. "Visiting Claudia's Cottage" ~ A visit to Claudia Carr Gilleland's picturesque place in the Magnolia neighborhood. (9x12-inch, 1994)
  13. "Winter at Wallingford Arms" ~ Portrait completed with a bit of poetic license of a vintage apartment house near Green Lake that was my home in the 1980s. (8x10-inch, 1987)
  14. "The Yacht Club on the Lake" ~ Dick and Gail Clements Klein's large cruiser with the Seattle Yacht Club in the background. (11x14-inch, ©1996)



Entire Eastside Collection pdf ~ Click on the 11-page pdf to see all 55 paintings. Note ~ some views are details of larger paintings.

  1. "American Roots in Redmond" ~ Miguel Llanos, his family and exchange student on front of his home in Redmond. Done as a wedding gift for the student. (8x10-inch ©2010)
  2. "Antics at Anderson Park (Adair House)" ~ Autumn scene at the park with our grandkids. (8x10-inch ©2011)
  3. "Autumn at Highland Park" ~ Dominic Viscardi and friends in front of his place in Issaquah. (8x10-inch, 1994)
  4. "AUTUMN AT THE COLUMBIA WINERY" ~ The Ward borthers and their wives visiting this beautiful Victorian-styled winery in Woodinville. (8x10-inch, 1998) Click on Puget Sound.
  5. "Autumn Afternoon at the McKeans" ~ Jeannie and Art McKean's home in Clyde Hill with a "black sheep" in the garden and a University of Washington "Husky" flag on the side of the garage. (8x10-inch, 1999)
  6. "THE BEAUTIFUL DAY" ~ Stunning contemporary home in Kirkland painted with a springtime theme. (11x14-inch, 2000) Click on Commission.
  7. "The Bill Brown Bulding" ~ The historic brick building built by Redmond's most colorful mayor, William "Bill" Brown ~ painted with a red, white and blue patriotic theme. (8x10-inch, 2005)
  8. "BOWERS OF FLOWERS AT THE BUIOCCHI'S" ~ The entire Buiocchi family at their house in Kirkland. (11x14-inch, 1999) Click on Puget Sound and Commission.
  9. "Brannen's Beauty" ~ Handsome two-story home in Bridle Trails. (8x10-inch, 2008)
  10. "Celebrating at Sacred Heart" ~ The oldest Roman Catholic building (now a commercial building) in Bellevue. 2013)
  11. "Celebrating at the Smith House" ~ This Christmas artwork was created as a revision of the original painting, "Springtime at the Smith House" by adding lights, wreaths, a dusting of snow and a Christmas tree. (8x10-inch, 2003)
  12. "Doug's Digs on the Plateau" ~ My husband with his kids Matt, Kevin and Leah on a winter day. (8x10-inch, ©1998)
  13. "EXPLORING SNOWUALMIE FALLS" ~ Scampering over the rocks with my husband, Doug, at this breathtaking local natural wonder. (8x10-inch, 2001) Click on Puget Sound.
  14. "FLYING KITES AT THE CLISE MANSION" ~ Children flying kites on the lawn in front of the historic Clise Mansion in Marymoor Park. (8x10-inch, ©1998) Click on Puget Sound.
  15. "GATHERING AT THE HAPPY VALLEY GRANGE" ~ Artists and fine crafters arriving with their goods at the historic Happy Valley Grange in Redmond (8x10-inch, ©2009) lick on Puget Sound.
  16. "GINGERBREAD BOYS AT THE BILL BROWN HOUSE" ~ Redmond's longest running mayor's home piectured as a bakery in winter. (8x10-inch, ©2013)
  17. "Heyday at the Hollywood Schoolhouse" ~ Revised artwork of original painting of landmark schoolhouse built in 1912 with lumber donated by Frederick Stimson. When I reworked this, the handsome old building had just added a winery in its cellar. (8x10-inch, 2011) Click on Puget Sound.
  18. "Historic Heritagw Hall" ~ Beatiful historic Kirkland building painted with an Independence Day theme. (8x10-inch, ©2015)
  19. "HISTORIC WINTERS HOUSE" ~ The beautifully restored mission-style structure that is part of the Eastside Heritage Center. (8x10-inch, ©2002) Click on Puget Sound.
  20. "HOLLAND HOUSE IN BLOOM" ~ Family residence in Lake Hills painted with a garden theme. (8x10-inch, 2012) Click on Puget Sound.
  21. "A HOUSE FOR ALL SEASONS" ~ Portrait of a beautiful authentically Pacific Northwest-style home on the shores of Lake Washington. (8x10-inch, 2007) Click on Puget Sound.
  22. "John & Dawn's Special Day" ~ Reworking of "Springtime at the Shumway Mansion" to create a wedding portrait for a 50th birthday gift. (8x10-inch, 2009)
  23. "Kleeman's Country Picnic" ~ Keri and Gary Kleeman's picnic at their lodge-style home in Redmond. (©2000)
  24. "The Liepins' Spring Garden Gazebo" ~ Zeke and Jessica Liepins pretty back yard gazebo. (8x10-inch, 1999)
  25. "Makin' Shortcake at the McDowell" ~ The beautifully restored McDowell House at Wilburton painted with a Strawberry Festival theme. (8x10-inch, 2005)
  26. "Mattson Place at Perrigo Plat" ~ Charming craftsman in Redmond's oldest residential neighbohood. (8x10-inch, 2013)
  27. "MEDINA NEIGHBORHOOD MARKET" ~ When I painted this, the little local neighborhood store was closed, awaiting a restoration that has since been completed. (8x10-inch, 2001) Click on Puget Sound.
  28. AWARD WINNING! "Meeting at The Market" ~ Portrait of a farmers' market in Redmond, Washington. (8x10-inch, 2009)
  29. "Merrymaking at the Medina Ferry Dock" ~ My husband, Doug, niece Kelly and nephew Michael are shown heading down to the shore of Lake Washington for a picnic. This building is now the Medina City Hall. (8x10-inch, 2001).
  30. "MOUNT SI MARVEL" ~ Aubrey and Cody Lane in front of their parent's lodge-style home in North Bend. Click on Puget Sound
  31. "Our Place on the Plateau" ~ My husband and I are pictured in front of what was once our home in Sammamish. (8x10-inch, 2001)
  32. "Phyllis' Lakeside Beauty ~ Phyllis Orrico and her family at her home which was once located on the shores of Cozy Cove, Lake Washington. (8x10-inch, 1999)
  33. "Planting Petunias at the Peter Kirk Building" ~ This historic building, which houses the Kirkland Arts Center, celebrating a gardening theme. (8x10-inch, 2007)
  34. "RAPTURE AT ROSETREE COTTAGE" ~ The Rosetree Cottage boutique in Redmond, Washington painted as the setting for a summer wedding. (8x10-inch, 2005) Click on Bridal.
  35. "Ring Around the Marymoor Windmill" ~ Children celebrating May Day by dancing around the Marymoor Park windmill. (8x10-inch, 1998) .
  36. "Schwinns at the Sears Building" ~ Unique triangle building in Kirkland's Picadilly district with shops below and a residence above. (8x10-inch, ©2013)
  37. "Scott's Kirkland Castle" ~ The Scott family pictured in front of their pretty two-story in The Enclave neighborhood in Kirkland. (8x10-inch, ©2008)
  38. "SIGHTSEEING AT THE SNOQUALMIE DEPOT" ~ My niece, Brooklynn, and nephew, Mark, in front of this Victorian railway depot. (8x10-inch, 1998) Click on Puget Sound.
  39. "Spring at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse" ~ Folks gathering for a Redmond Historical Society general meeting on a Saturday morning in spring. (8x10-inch, ©2011)
  40. "Springtime at the Saldarini's" ~ Green-thumb-wizard" Pat Saldarini with her husband Chuck at their lovely home in Kirkland. (8x10-inch, 1999)
  41. "Springtime at the Shumway Mansion" ~ The beautifully renovated Shumway Mansion on the hill overlooking Juanita Bay in Kirkland, painted with a spring floral theme. (8x10-inch, 2005)
  42. "Springtime at the Smith House" ~ The Smith family home which is a faithful reproduction of a Connecticut farmhouse. (8x10-inch, 2003)
  43. "SPRINGTIME COMES TO SIMPSON STREET" ~ Revised artwork of a large painting honoring homes I've lived in and loved including the one in the lower left hand corner in Sammamish. (16x20-inch, 2016) Click on Commission.
  44. "Springtime Comes to Simpson Street (Sammamish Detaiil) ~ Revised artwork showing the Sammamish home detail from a large painting honoring homes I've lived in and loved. (16x20-inch, 2016) ©2002) .
  45. "THE STARRY WEDDING NIGHT" ~ Altered print of "The Beautiful Day" with the theme of the couple's New Year's Eve wedding. (11x14-inch, 2000) Click on Bridal and Puget Sound.
  46. "STECKART'S SUNSHINY MORNING" "Steckart's Shunshiny Morning' ~ Grace and Jim Steckart's lovely Kirkland home. (11x14-inch, 1999) Click on Puget Sound.
  47. "Steckart's Holiday House" ~ Grace and Jim Steckart's home painted with a holiday theme for Christmas card art. (11x14-inch, 1999)
  48. "The Stimson-Lane House at Ste. Michelle" ~ The picturesque Stimson family summer home on the grounds of the winery. (8x10-inch, 2002)
  49. "The Stone House" Painting of a uniquely designed brick and river rock cottage with a rich, bawdy history, built in 1914 and located in the heart of Redmond. (8x10-inch, 2002)
  50. "Summertime at Ste. Michelle" ~ The Wards in front of this famous French chateau-styled winery in Woodinville. (8x10-inch, 1998)
  51. "SUNSET AT THE SALISH LODGE &SPA" ~ I am pictured with my husband, Doug, and Robin and Kent Westbrook arriving in the late afternoon at this romantic lodge for a sumptuous dinner there. (8x10-inch, 1998) Click on Puget Sound.
  52. "Tartan Trim at the Tollefsons" ~ This is a holiday-themed re-working of "Tulips at the Tollefsons" below, embellished with snow, Christmas lights ~ and of course, an evergreen! (8x10-inch, ©2008)
  53. "TULIPS AT THE TOLLEFSON" ~ The Tollefson girls, Thea and Clara, seated on the railing of their house in Yarrow Bay. (8x10-inch, 1999) Click on Puget Sound.
  54. "Walking Dogs at the Judge White House" ~ The Judge White House, also once known as the Redmond Hotel. (8x10-inch, 2002)
  55. "Winter at Wutherwood" ~ A couple's pretty property in Sammamish, painted with a holiday theme and featuring their family of pets. (8x10-inch, ©2009) Click on Commission.



Entire North Puget Sound Collection pdf ~ Click on the 2-page pdf to see all 12 paintings.

  1. "AFTERNOON AT ANACORTES" ~ Friends gathering for Thanksgiving in front of a pretty blue Victorian in Anacortes. (8x10-inchm © 1994) Click on What's New.
  2. "AUTUMN AFTERNOON AT THE ARTISTREE" ~ Portrait of the gallery where I have an ongoing show; my husband and me pictured with the owners, the Wendy and Robin James. (8x10-inch, 1999). Click on Puget Sound.
  3. "TOURING LA CONNER IN JUSTATUG" ~ The summer residence of the couple who commissioned this piece. (8x10-inchm © 2009) Click on Puget Sound.
  4. "Heidi's Happy House & Ray's Roost" ~ Heidi Bressler and her family entertaining her workmates at her pretty home in Monroe, Washington. (8x10-inch, 2005)
  5. "Lambert's Pretty Place" ~ First home of Greg and Jenifer Lambert in Everett done as a special gift for the young couple (8x10-inch, ©1993)
  6. "LOLLIGAGING AT LAKE ROESIGNER" ~The Lane family at their vacation home on Lake Roesigner. (8x10-inch, 1994) Click on Puget Sound.
  7. "Making Merry in Monroe" ~ Heidi Bressler's House with the staff of Redmond shop, "Maggie Rhodes" for afternoon tea. (8x10-inch, ©2005)
  8. "Star Creek Ranch" ~ John Tanaka, his friends, Mary Anne Schmidt, and "Knight," their Clydesdale, at their ranch in Lake Stevens. (8x10-inch, 1993)
  9. "Taking White Bear out for a Sail" ~ Lynn Wildblood, Cathy Davis and me by the White Bear sailboat. (8x10-inch, 1995)
  10. "Touring the Tulip Fields" ~ The picturesque windmill at the Roozengaarde Gardens/Gift Shop complex in Mt. Vernon. Pictured enjoying the day with my mother, Sally Simpson, and best friend, Robin Westbrook. (Image used courtesy of Washington Bulb Company, Inc. Roozengaarde.) (8x10-inch, 2002).
  11. "The Westbrooks with their Wiley Dinosaur" ~ The Westbrook family in Edmonds at Halloween. (8x10-inch, 1984)



Entire Snohomish Collection pdf ~ Click on this 6-page pdf to see all 27 paintings.

  1. "Blue Birdhouse B&B" ~ Snohomish Victorian, breakfast on the verandah of this birdhouse themed B&B. (8x10-inch, 2003)
  2. "BLACKMAN HOUSE BEAUTY" ~ Old Blackman House and home of the Snohomish Historical Society Museum (8x10-inch, ©2011) Click on Puget Sound.
  3. "Brick Bungalow Beauty" ~ Sweet yellow clapboard and brick craftsman. (8x10-inch, ©2010)
  4. "Cozy Cabbage Patch" ~ In front of the beloved restaurant in the antique shopping district with my girlfriends. (8x10-inch, 2010).
  5. "Cozy Cottage on the Corner" ~ My friend Penny's pretty two-story cottage and gardens she shares with her husband Bill and their kitty-cat. (8x10-inch, 2011)
  6. "Crimson Castle School" ~ Portrait of our son, Matt, and daughter-in-law, Heidi, with our granddaughter, Addison Lee, on her first day of school. (8x10-inch, 2008)
  7. "FINE FALL FOURSQUARE (IVERSON HOUSE) ~ Beautiful Foursquare painted with an autumn theme. (8x10-inch, 2010) Click on Puget Sound.
  8. "Fresh Flowers at the Wershing House" ~ Pretty green two-story with my sisters plainting tulips. (8x10-inch, ©2009)
  9. "THE GARDENS AT MRS. GOFF'S" ~ Pretty bungalow surrounded by gorgeous gardens once owned by the town's music teacher. (8x10-inch, 2012) Click on Commission.
  10. "Hippity Hoppin' at the Hill House" ~ The buttery yellow historic cottage painted with an Easter theme. (8x10-inch, 2009)
  11. "Holidays at the Holland House" ~ Snohomish Victorian painted scarlet with a Christmas theme and featuring the Holland family. (8x10-inch, 1995)
  12. "HANDSOME HANSEN HOUSE" ~ Autumn-themed three story historic beauty. (8x10-inch, 2009) Click on Puget Sound.
  13. "The Happy Holiday House (Harmon)" ~ Same as Holland House (only forest green this time) with friends and family celebrating Christmas. (8x10-inch, 2003)
  14. "INDEPENDENCE INN (MATT ALBERT HOUSE)" ~ Snohomish Victorian featuring the Ward family ~ done with a 4th of July theme. (8x10-inch, 2008). Click on Commission.
  15. "Knitting Club at the McKee House" ~ Distinctive Foursquare-style two story with unique diamond-shaped trim on the second story. (8x10-inch, ©2013).
  16. "MAKING SNOWMEN AT THE MARK'S HOUSE" ~ Pretty Arts & Crafts-style home embellish with brick and basaltic rockwork. (8x10-inch, 2009) Click on Puget Sound.
  17. "Merrymaking at Saint Michael's" ~ Roman Catholic Church that was converted into a very unique residence. (8x10-inch, 2010)
  18. "Piping Hot Pies at the Clemons House" ~ Beatufiul two-story home with a handsome brick porch and steps finished with a baking theme. (8x10-inch, 2013)
  19. "Pretty Parsonage in May (Methodiest Parsonage)" ~ The historic old Methodist Parsonage, now the "Pillows & Platters B&B," painted with a May Day theme. (8x10-inch, 2009)
  20. "PRETTY PURPLE PALACE" ~ The historic Allen House honoring Valentine's Day. (8x10-inch, 2009) Click on What's New and Puget Sound.
  21. "Pussycats & Pumpkins (Jordan House)" ~ The historic Jordan House featuring our kitties, Andy and Sophie, perched on the fence. (8x10-inch, 2009)
  22. "Quilting Bee at the Buttercup Cottage" ~ A pristine modest clapboard cottage painted yellow with periwinkle and lavender trim. (8x10-inch, ©2013)
  23. "Spooky Stevens House" ~ The Stevens historic home painted with a Halloween motif. (8x10-inch, ©2012)
  24. "Snohomish Silver Lining Inn" ~ Snohomish yellow Victorian with a rainy day theme featuring my husband, Doug. (8x10-inch, 2003)
  25. "Stars & Stripes in Snohomish" ~ Pretty two-story painted with a patriotic theme. (8x10-inch, 2010)
  26. "Sunflowers in Snohomish" ~ Celebrating brilliant sunflowers on a sunny autumn day with my husband, Doug. (8x10-inch, 2008)
  27. "Treehouse Treasure at Tea Time (Vestal House)" ~ Arriving for a visit and afternoon tea at this pretty Victorian. (8x10-inch, ©2011)


Entire South End/Kitsap County Collection pdf ~ Click on this 3-page pdf to see all 12 paintings.

  1. "THE BAY HOUSE" ~ Three generations (23 people) of the Evans family picnicking at their home near Nisqually overlooking Puget Sound. (8x10-inch, 2005) Click on Commission.
  2. "Bill, Jorja & The Duchess at Christmas" ~ Bill and Jorja Simpson at their first home in Bremerton with their cat. (8x10-inch, 1987)
  3. "Bill and Jorja's Christmas Cat" ~ This was a reworking of the original piece completed in 1992. Their big cat, Mitten, (known as "The Duchess" because she was such an aloof kitty ) is seated in the window of Bill and Jorja Simpson's vintage brick beauty in Bremerton. (8x10-inch, 2010)
  4. "THE CHURCH HOUSE" ~ My brother, John's unique home with his children, Thomas, Stephanie, and dog, Tugger, on the front lawn. (8x10-inch, 1998) Click on Puget Sound.
  5. "ENCHANTING ENGLISH THORNEWOOD CASTLE" ~ Chester Thorne's beautiful English country home revered as one of Kirtland Cutter's finest achievemens. (8x10-inch, ©2014) Click on Bridal and Puget Sound.
  6. "GARY & CHARLIE'S WEDDING" ~ ainted with their summer wedding as the theme, this artwork celebrates the new Mr. and Mrs. Gary and "Charlie" Aleshire with friends at their home in Lakewood. (8x10-inch, 1995) Click on Bridal.
  7. "John's Place in Port Orchard" ~ My brother, John's first home in Port Orchard, painted as a special Christmas gift in 1977. (8x10-inch, 1987)
  8. "Happy Holidays at the State Capitol" ~ Christmas carolers of many different ethnic background singing their hearts out at the Capitol Building in Olympia. (8x10-inch, 1999) Click on Biography.
  9. "THE HOUSE IN THE PARK" ~ Commission piece painted for Merri Berg of her childhood home. (8x10-inch, 2006) Click on Puget Sound.
  10. "Mrs. Tenent's Tiny Cottage" ~ Cottage owned by Skylar Tenent's mother. Artwork completed as a Christmas gift for her with her son pictured in front arriving with flowers. (8x10-inch, 1984)
  11. "The Shiny New Toy" ~ Gary Coy and his vintage rebuilt 1958 Mercedes Benz. (8x10-inch, 1995)
  12. "STAN'S FOREMAN'S HOUSE AT SEAHURST" ~ Stan Forrman and his kitty, Squeak, in front of his home at Seahurst. (8x10-inch, 1993) Click on Puget Sound.



Entire Port Townsend Collection pdf ~ Click on this 4-page pdf to see all 18 paintings.

  1. "Apple Pickin' at the Peach House" ~ One of my very first paintings featuring artwork of the same peach house as above. (8x10-inch, 1976)
  2. "BLUE HOUSE B&B (HOGG HOUSE)" ~ J.B. Hogg House posing as my B&B in the wintertime. (8x10-inch, 1986) Click on Puget Sound.
  3. "The Cozy Consulate B&B: ~ The Frank Hastings House, also known as the "German Consulate." (8x10-inch, 2003)
  4. "Decorating the G.W. Downs House" ~ The beautiful George W. Downs Victorian painted with a holiday theme. (8x10-inch, 2006)
  5. "Gleason Green Goddess" ~ The Dr. Gleason House, finished with a seaside, summer picnic motif. (8x10-inch, 2006)
  6. "Happy Times at the Hill House" ~ Picnicking with family and friends on the lawn of the Robert C. Hill House. (8x10-inch, 2006) Click on Puget Sound.
  7. "HARVEST CELEBRATION AT THE HOGG HOUSE" ~ The J.B. Hogg House with a Thanksgiving theme. (8x10-inch, 2003) Click on Puget Sound.
  8. "MANRESSA CASTLE IN MAY" ~ Beautiful castle based on those in the Rhine surrounded lush, colorful gardens. (8x10-inch, ©2010). Click on Puget Sound.
  9. "MARRIAGE AT THE STARRETT MANSION" ~ The historic Starrett Mansion painted with a bridal theme. (8x10-inch, 2003) Click on Bridal.
  10. "THE PINK PALACE (BARTHROP HOUSE)" ~ A lazy afternoon in front of this confection of a pink Victorian. (11x14-inch, 1986) Click on What's New.
  11. "Pretty in Pink" ~ The George Barthrop House painted pink showing Jennifer Jasper and her friend, Mary Anne. (8x10-inch, 1995)
  12. "Pulling Kite Strings at the L.H. Pontius House" ~ The L.H. Pontius House on Lincoln painted with a blustery March theme of kite flying. (8x10-inch, 2004)
  13. "Pussycat Palace" ~ Second painting of the George Barthrope House, this one starring my two kittiewinks lounging in the foreground ~ Andy and Sophie. (8x10-inch, 2005).
  14. "Puttering at the Peach House' ~ Scene of my husband Doug and me, puttering around the yard of this pretty pink house. (8x10-inch, 2006)
  15. "Seagull Serenade" ~ The Captain Winfield S. Mann House with a springtime gardening theme and lots seagull pals. (8x10-inch, 1999)
  16. "SKATING SERENADE"~ The Frank Hastings House starring in a winter landscape with a skating theme. (16x20-inch, 2000) Click on What's New and Puget Sound.
  17. "Wacky Witches Ball" ~ Enter this Mansard-roofed Victorian at "Your Own Risk." It's a wacky celebration of all hallowed eve!
  18. "WYLIE HOUSE AUTUMN WELCOME" ~ Raking leaves in front of the Henry Wylie House. (8x10-inch, 2006) Click on Puget Sound.



Entire Islands Collection pdf ~ Click on this 4-page pdf to see all 17 paintings.

  1. "Autumn Afternoon at Afterglow Vista" ~ The peaceful McMillin family mausoleum a short hike from the center of Roche Harbor. (8x10-inch, 2004)
  2. "Dallying on the Deck at Roche" ~ Independence Day celebration on the deck of the Madrona Restaurant. (8x10-inch, 2004)
  3. "Fairy Tale Trick or Treating" ~ Donna Fale-Larson's home on Vashon Island, painted with a Halloween party theme and featuring merrymakers dressed in fairy tale character costumes. (9x12-inch, ©1996)
  4. "Flying Kites on Lopez Island" ~ Revised painting of kite flying scene at the Edenwild Inn at Lopez Island, once owned by actor, Tom Skerritt. (8x10-inch, 2011)
  5. "HOTEL DE HARRO" ~ Famous Hotel de Haro at Roche with a guest list that includes President Teddy Roosevelt and actor, John Wayne. (8x10-inch, 2000).
  6. "Morning Walk at Roche" ~ Lime Kiln Cafe building featuring Kelly Barton, Aubrey Lane and me. (8x10-inch, 2000) Click on Puget Sound.
  7. "THE OLD SCHOOLHOUSE AT ROCHE" ~ Now available for rent by vacationers at the resort, this charming building once functioned as the town's schoolhouse for the children of McMillin's workforce. Painted with a vintage motif. (8x10-inch, 2004) Click on Puget Sound.
  8. "OUR LADY OF GOOD VOYAGE" ~ Chapel at Roche Harbor with my wedding party in the front. (8x10-inch, 2000) Click on Bridal.
  9. "PAUL'S PLACE AT ROCHE HARBOR" ~ John McMillin's son housed his family here when he was managing the line and cement business for his father. (8x10-inch, 2007) Click on Puget Sound.
  10. "Roaring Fire at Roche" ~ Christmas scene with carolers (including Doug and me), the Westbrooks and the Naeseths in front of the massive double fireplaces. (8x10-inch, 2012)
  11. "ROCHE HARBOR REVERIE" ~ The Madrona Restaurant at Roche Harbor, the Orrico family, Doug and me. (8x10-inch, 2000) Click on Puget Sound.
  12. "Rollicking Fun at Roche" ~ Kid's games at Roche Harbor Resort & Marina on Independence Day. (8x10-inch, 2003)
  13. "SCOTT'S DREAM HOUSE AT DEER HARBOR" ~ A picturesque setting for the Scott's Orcas Island wedding at Deer Harbor. (8x10-inch, ©2008) Click on Bridal.
  14. "S'MORES & SPARKLERS ON PUGET SOUND" ~ Family fun at Whidbey Island on Independence Day. (9x12-inch, ©2011) Click on Commission.
  15. "Springtime at Lopez Island" ~ Daryl and Judy Jensen's vacation home on Lopez Island. (1994)
  16. "Today, Two Morrows and Always" ~ Wedding setting celebrating the wedding of Kelly and Adam Morrow on Lopez Island. (5x7-inch, 2001)
  17. "U.S. Customs House on the Dock" ~ Picturesque Roche Harbor U.S. Customs House decorated for Independence Day with agents in the foreground. (8x10-inch, 2004)




  1. "AUTUMN MORNING ON MARKET STREET" ~ Rendition of the historic Sears Bank Building in Kirkland across from the Kirkland Arts center. (8x10-inch, ©2008) Click on Commission.
  2. "BAROKAS, MARTIN & TOMLINSON IN AUTUMN" ~ Three-story law office building on Capitol Hill sketched with an autumn theme. (8x10-inch, ©2009) Click on Commission.
  3. "BAROKAS, MARTIN & TOMLINSON IN SPRINGTIME" ~ The same office building created with a springtime floral theme. (8x10-inch, 2009) Click on Commission.
  4. "Cozy Ravenna Cottage" ~ Pretty bungalow in Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood. (8x10-inch, 2009)
  5. "BRAUER BUTTERCUP BEAUTY" ~ Pretty yellow clapboard two-story residence near Lake City, Seattle. (8x10-inch, ©2012) Click on Commission.
  6. "SAN JUANS IN STYLE" ~ Large pleasure craft at anchor in the San Juans. (8x10-inch, ©2006) Click on Commission.
  7. "KAREN & KATIE'S GORGEOUS GARDENS" ~ A portrait of a shingled beauty surrounded by stunning gardens designed by my friend Karen Tollefson with help from her daughter Katie. (8x10-inch, 2010) Click on Commission.




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