Entire Golf Collection (Some Holiday) pdf ~ Click on this 4-page pdf to all 17 golf courses and clubhouses.

  1. "Autumn at Inglewood Country Club" ~ The Chaffees, Bill and Jorja Simpson and me at the Inglewood Country Club clubhouse in Bothell, Washington. (8x10-inch, 1996)
  2. "Aviary on Eight (R.O.C.C.)" ~ The whimsical birdhouse that was once perched on a stump at Royal Oaks Country Club by the stone bridge at the foot of the eighth fairway. (8x10-inch, 2003)
  3. "Autumn Golfing at 'The Glen'" ~ With my golfing buddies at Seattle's Glen Acres Country Club. (8x10-inch, 1995)
  4. "Celebrating the Season at O.G.C.C." ~ Christmas card artwork commissioned by Overlake Golf & Country Club in 1994. (8x10-inch, 2004)
  5. "Celebrating at the Seattle Golf Club" ~ Wedding scene at this prestigious private club north of Seattle. (8x10-inch, ©2010).
  6. "The 'Classic' at Echo Falls Golf Course' ~ Actor Richard Karn's ("Home Improvement") golfing event at Echo Falls Country Club in Monroe, Washington benefitting local cancer centers in Seattle and Bellevue. (8x10-inch, ©1995)
  7. "'The Classic' at Willow's Run" ~ Richard Karn's third tournament for Fred Hutchinson and Overlake Hospital at Willow's Run Golf Course in Woodinville. (11x14-inch, ©1996)
  8. "Cottage Clubhouse at Jefferson Park" ~ Renowed golfer Fred Couples on the putting green in front of the vintage clubhouse (recently replaced with a modern facility) at this municiple Beacon Hill golf course, Couple's home course as a youngster. (8x10-inch, © 2010)
  9. "DECORATING THE BRIDGE ON #18 (THE OLD COURSE AT SAINT ANDREWS) ~ Mr. and Mrs. Claus putting up a Christmas Tree on the bridge on #18 at the Old Course at St. Andrews. (8x10-inch, 2002) Click on More Paintings.
  10. "Hayden Lake Country Club" ~ With my niece, Kelly, and my nephew, Michael Barton at what was once the Bozanta Tavern and hangout of golfer Bing Crosby in the 1940s and 1950s in Idaho. (8x10-inch, 1997)
  11. NEW! "HISTORIC HAYDEN LAKE C.C. CLUBHOUSE (BOZANTA TAVERN)" ~ Chalet-style stunning clubhouse at Hayden Lake C.C. ~ once a destination at Hayden's Lake's "Little Switzerland" known as the Bozanta Tavern. (9x12-inch, © 2019) Click on What's New and More Paintings. Highlight ~ This painting introduces this page above.
  12. "KRIS KRINGLE'S GOLF GETAWAY (ALTA MESA C.C., MESA AZ) ~ Santa taking a holiday after completing his Christmas duties at one of my husband's favorite country club in the desert. (8x10-inch, ©2016)
  13. "Overlake Golf & Country Club" ~ My husband and I are about to play golf with my sister and brother-in-law, Peggy and Jeff Barton at this prestigious private club in Medina, Washington. (8x10-inch, 2001) Click on More Paintings. Click on More Paintings.
  14. "Perfect Labor Day Morning at R.V.C.C." Early morning breakfast group on the clubhouse patio enjoying the day while the lone putter (my husband, Doug) is preparing for his match. The Southern Oregon is the largest match-play tournament in the United States and is held annually at Rogue Valley Country Club in Medford, Oregon. (8x10-inch, 2000)
  15. "Rain or Shine at The Canyon" ~ The Simpson clan of golfers at historic Indian Canyon Golf Course in Spokane Washington. (8x10-inch, ©1996)
  16. "Simpson's Golf Shop (Carnoustie, Scotland) ~ Mr. and Mrs. Claus have joined my husband, Doug, and me for a shopping spree at this historic colorful golf shop across the street from Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland. (8x10-inch, 2001)
  17. "SNOWY SENTINEL AT R.O.C.C." " ~ Snowman by the grass-covered stone bridge at Royal Oakes Country Club in Vancouver, Washington. (8x10-inch, 2000)
  18. "Teeing It Up at Taylor Creek" ~ The Chaffees and the Hills with my husband and me in front of Maple Valley's Taylor Creek Golf Course clubhouse. (8x10-inch, 1988) Click on More Paintings.


Entire Santas & Snowmen Golf Collection pdf ~ Click on this 4-page pdf to see all 16 paintings. NOTE ~ Actual settings like Saint Andrews. Carnoustie and several courses in the United States are part of the collection above.

  1. "Candy Cane Golf Links" ~ (1st Painting in the "Candy Cane Links" collection) A festive snowman welcoming golfers to a snow-laden course marked with candy cane flag staffs. (5x7-inch, 2009)
  2. "CARTING THE TREE TO THE CANDY CANE LINKS CLUBHOUSE" (2nd Painting in the "Candy Cane Links" collection) ~ Santa has lashed an evergreen to the roof of his golf cart and he's heading up to the clubhouse to decorate it. (8x10-inch, 2010) Click on More Paintings.
  3. "CANDY CANE LINKS CLUBHOUSE" (3rd Painting in the "Candy Cane Links" collection) ~ Gingerbread and Christmas candy clubhouse. (5x7-inch, ©2013)
  4. "Christmas Up To Par" ~ A snowman wishing golfers a Merry Christmas that's "Up To Par." (5x7-inch, 2011)
  5. "Festive Fivesome at Candy Cane Links" (6th Painting in the "Candy Cane Links" collection) ~ Dougie and I with Saint Nick and two snowmen at Christmastime.(8x10-inch, 2017)
  6. "HOLIDAY HAZARD" ~ Santa's broken through the ice chasing his ball with quite an audience! (8x10-inch, ©2004) Click on More Paintings.
  7. "Holiday Hole-In-One" ~ Mrs. Santa cheering on St. Nick as he get his "chimney" hole-in-one with a gift! (8x10-inch, ©1999)
  8. NEW! "CARTING KRIS KRINGLE TO THE CANDY CANE LINKS CLUBHOUSE" (7th Painting in the "Candy Cane Links" collection) ~ Dougie and I (still in my medical boot when this was painted) giving Saint Nick a lift on the back of our cart to the clubhouse.(5x7-inch, ©2004) Click on More Paintings.
  9. "PLUM PUDDING PUTTING CONTEST"" (5th Painting in the "Candy Cane Links" collection) ~ Golf Competition at the North Pole. (5x7-inch, ©2015)
  10. "Saint Nick's Stop at the 19th Hole" (4th Painting in the "Candy Cane Links" collection) ~ Santa stowing his clubs and heading inside to join his merry elves for a warm libation after 18 holes at Candy Cane Links. (5x7-inch, ©2014)
  11. "Santa Takes a Holiday" ~ Mr. and Mrs. Claus out for festive fun on the course. (5x7-inch, 2003)
  12. "Santa's Tee Box"~ Santa getting in a little practice for the day after Christmas by hitting the last of this Christmas balls up to the Christmas tree branches. (5x7-inch, 2012)
  13. "Sink It Santa" ~ Mr. and Mrs. Claus dressed in plaid "plus-fours" taking their golf cart out for a spin on the golf course lit with multi-colored Holiday lights. (5x7-inch, 2002)
  14. "Tee It Up Train" ~ Doug and I riding a whimsical train with Santa and our golf clubs to a winter golfing destination. (5x7-inch, 2006)
  15. "Tee It Up Tree" ~ Mr. and Mrs. Claus decorating their golf-themed tree with tees and golf balls. (5x7-inch, 2007)
  16. "St. Nick on #9" ~ Santa setting up his putt with some help form a cheery snowman (5x7-inch, 2008)



Entire Fire Departments Collection pdf ~ Click on this 2-page pdf to see all 8 paintings.

  1. "RIDING IN THE SALTY SEAS DAYS PARADE (E.F.D.)" ~ The Robinsons, Jensen's and friends in a vintage truck in the parade. (8x10-inch, 1994) Click on More Paintings.
  2. "Hard at Work (E.F.D.) ~ Painting created for E.F.D. used for Emergency Medical Response cards cover art. (16-20-inch, 1992). Click on More Paintings.
  3. "OLD STATION #1 & THE STEAMER (E.F.D.)" ~ Vintage station and steam engine for E.F.D. at the turn of the century. (16x20-inch, 1993)
  4. "OLD STATION #2 (E.F.D.)" ~ E.F.D. Headquarters building painted in a 1925 setting with vintage trucks. (16-20-inch, 1991) Click on More Paintings
  5. "Old Station #4 (E.F.D.) ~ Retired station in Everett built by firefighters for the department in 1948. (16x20-inch, 1992)
  6. "Fire at the Arlington Shed" ~ Large fire burning in the small town of Arlington, Washington. (16x20-inch, 1992)
  7. "HOSE #2 AT CHRISTMASTIME" ~ Imaginary vintage fire station decorated for Christmas created as holiday card art for EMS Chief Mike Lambert. (8x10-inch, 1993) Click on More Paintings.
  8. "Union Fire Company #1" ~ Handsome fire station in Unionville, Pennsylvania. (1993)



Entire Other Settings Collection pdf ~ Click on this 5-page pdf to see all 21 paintings from all over the United States and beyond.

  1. "AQUILA VISTA" ~ Painting of a lovely home perched on a natural forested hillside overlooking Rogue Valley in Ashland, Oregon. (8x10-inch, ©216) Click onCommission.
  2. "BELYAR'S CROFT IN CORNWALL" ~ Painting of a picturesque hotel where I stayed during my 2002 trip to St. Ives, the artists' colony on the coast of Cornwall in England. (8x10-inch, ©2004) Click on More Paintings.
  3. "Bob's Backwoods Bathroom" ~ Tongue-in-cheek painting of traditional outhouse complete with the obligatory moon above the door. (5x7-inch, 1996)
  4. "THE CHILDREN OF TASHKENT (FORMERLY THE U.S.S.R.)" ~ Grade school children of Tashkent performing a traditional dance for their American guests. (8x10-inch, 1988) Click on More Paintings.
  5. "CHRISTMAS AT AQUILA VISTA" ~ Adaptation with holiday touches to artwork of a lovely homes perched on a snow dusted hillside overlooking Rogue Valley in Ashland, Oregon. (8x10-inch, ©216) Click on Commission and More Paintings.
  6. "Desert Delight" ~ Portrait of our little vacation home near Phoenix, Arizona. (8x10-inch, 2008) Click on Commission and More Paintings.
  7. "DESERT DREAM HOUSE" ~ A special 50th birthday gift for my high school friend, Marie Marx Strohm ~ once her desert home in Scottsdale, Arizona. (8x10-inch, 2002) Click on More Paintings.
  8. "Doug's Dream House" ~ Portrait of "The Needles" painted as a birthday gift for my husband when we were dating. (8x10-inch, 1998)
  9. "THE ENGLISH ROSE TEA ROOM" ~ The lovely authentically English (as is the owner) Tea Room in Carefree, Arizona. (8x10-inch, ©2007) Click on More Paintingsand Commission.
  10. "FUN & SUN AT HAYSTACK ROCK" ~ Cannon Beach shore scene with the extended Ward family. (11x14-inch, ©1999) Click on More Paintings.
  11. NEW! "HISTORIC LITTLE HOLLYWOOD (PARRY LODGE)" ~ Historic New England-style lodge that housed California film stars and crews that came to Kanab, Utah to make Westerns and other films between the 1930s and 1970s. (9x12-inch, ©2019) Click on More Paintings.
  12. "Karen's Carolina Cottage" ~ Karen Kotowitz's new home in Charlotte, North Carolina. (8x10-inch, 1999)
  13. "THE OCTOBER REVOLUTION CELEBRATION PARAPDE (FORMERLY THEU.S.S.R.)" ~ Annual autumn commemorative parade in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. (8x10-inch, 1988) Click on More Paintings and Biography.
  14. "OLD OVE ULVESTAD FARM" ~ Family farmhouse from the turn of the century in Choko, Minnesota. (8x10-inch, ©2009) Click on More Paintings.
  15. THE PEGGY PLACES" ~ Wedding gift for my youngest sister Peggy Barton showing all of the homes that she lived in before she was married and the first one after her wedding. (16x20-inch, 1972) Click on Commission.
  16. "Port-A-Port, Anchorage" ~ Imaginary Alaska scene painted for Jack Marshall at Christmastime which included all of his friends, family and projects that he loved. (8x10-inch, 1982)
  17. NEW! "SAM'S HUMMINGBIRD GARDEN" ~ A special gift created for lifelong friends, the Herberts ~ including their dearly departed kittycat Sam. (5x7-inch, ©2019) Click on More Paintings.
  18. "San Francisco Sweetheart" ~ One of my early attempts at painting a Victorian home, this home found in a coffee table book on San Francisco Victorians. (8x10-inch, 1978)
  19. "SCOTT'S PENNSYLVANIA PALACE" ~ Portrait of the picnicking Scott family in Downington, Pennslyvania. (8x10-inch, ©2008) Click on Commission and More Paintings.
  20. "WELCOME, WHISTLER WONDERLAND" ~ Doug and I visiting the Brent and Mark Orrico families at their vacation home in Whistler, B.C. The original was given to the "matriarch" of the Orrico family, Phyllis. (8x10-inch, ©2009) Click on Commission.
  21. "WINTER WEDDING AT WHISTLER" ~ Portrait of Brent and Michele's Saint Patrick Day's wedding. (5x7-inch, ©2017) Click on More Paintings and Commission.



Entire Other Subjects Collection pdf ~ Click on this 3-page pdf to see all 15 paintings.

  1. "The Adventures of Kristina" ~ Book cover art for a child's book created as a gift for a friend. (8x10-inch, 1989)
  2. "AUSTIN AT PLAY" ~ Birthday portrait of our grandson Austin Lee. (5x7-inch, ©2010) Click on Commission.
  3. "BABY BUNNY ADDISON" ~ Easter portrait of our granddaughter Addison Lee. (5x7-inch, ©2009) Click on Commission.
  4. "BACON, LETTUCE & TOMATOR TRIO" ~ Painting of good friends who had a jazz trio called "B.L.T" (Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato) ~ Paul West, Rolf Johnson and Gail Clements Klein. (8x10-inch, 1977)
  5. "FRIENDLY FURRY FELINES" ~ My sisters, Marilee and Peggy and me lounging on cozy window seats with our kitties ~ Zoe-Chloe, Betty-Kitty and K.C. (11x14-inch, 1999) Click on Commission.
  6. "FRIENDLY FOREST" ~ Christening gift I created of some friendly forest animals (who really shouldn't be so friendly) ~ painted for my God-son Scot Simpson to blend with the safari theme of his bedroom. (8x10-inch, 1999) Click on More Paintings.
  7. "The Happy Haberdashery" ~ Two chums (one a fluffy dog) in front of a Victorian haberdashery. (8x10-inch, 1986)
  8. "The Jolly January Day" ~ Early painting of a snow scene with an imaginary country inn. (8x10-inch, 1977)
  9. "Patti's Portrait" ~ A sefl-portrait where I'm shown working on the "Jolly January Day" painting. (8x10-inch, 1986)
  10. "PRECOCIOUS JARED PETRAS" ~ Portrait of my friend Jennifer Petras' son when he was a toddler. (5x7-inch, ©2012) Click on More Paintings and Commission.
  11. "Reach for the Stars" ~ Special baby shower gift for Karen Karila depicting children of many ethnic backgrounds climbing all over a happy moon with dancing stars for company. (5x7-inch, 2001)
  12. THE WARD WEDDING PARTY ~ Portrait of our wedding party, February 2004. (8x10-inch, 2004) Click on Bridal.
  13. "Kindred Spirits Kitties" ~ My sister Marilee's kitties resting in a bed of tuplips. (5x7-inch © 2017) Click on Commission.
  14. "MIKO'S WINTER WONDERLAND" ~ My sister Marilee's new little dog at winter. (5x7-inch © 2017) Click on More Paintings and Commission.
  15. "PEGGY & JEFF'S POOCHES" ~ My sister Marilee's new little dog at winter. (5x7-inch © 2017) Click on More Paintings and Commission.

Click on the 3-page Entire Other Subjects Collection pdf to see all 15 images.



Entire Christmas Collection pdf ~ Click on this 1-page pdf to see all 4 paintings. Note ~ This collection is in addition to the Golfing Santa/Snowmen artwork featured near the top of this page.

  1. "TURKEY WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS" ~ Early painting of our entire Simpson family at Christmas ~ waiting for that steaming turkey! (8x10-inch, © 1977) Click on More Paintings.
  2. "PEACE ON EARTH AT THE STABLE" ~ Painting of a nativity scene completed for my parents as a Christmas gift. (8x10-inch, 1977) Click on More Paintings.
  3. "PUFFING BY THE POST OFFICE" ~ Snowy-themed painting inspired by my youngest brother Bob. (8x10-inch, ©1977) Click on More Paintings.
  4. "TOASTING MY TOES IN MY TARTEN TAFFETA" ~ Wearing my Christmas gown and welcoming my sister Marilee, brother Bill and niece Kelly. (8x10-inch, ©1996) Click on More Paintings.



  1. "MARGARITAS WITH MO AND DARRELL" ~ The courtyard patio of a pretty vacation home in Palm Springs, California. (8x10-inch, Pen & Ink, ©2008) Click on Commission.
  2. "The Workman's Far West Home" ~ Patio home in Mission Square at Alta Mesa near Phoenix, Arizona (8x10-inch, Pen, Ink & Pastels, ©2015) Click on Commission.
  3. "THE ALLEN'S PLACE AT ALTA MESA" ~ Portrait of John and Pam Allen's home in Alta Mesa near Phoenix. (8x10-inch, Pen & Ink, ©2016) Click on Commission





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